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  • PaliPali

    the time is over, results will be posted soon at Forum Lottery

  • Thorkell

    when will we know the results of forum lottery? is the duration 1 week or 2?

  • EmyEmy

    Rare player Juare , stop being rare ;

  • Juare

    just playing every 2 months

  • Juare

    im rare too

  • deathpool

    but maybe I'm wrong and it was never part of the content of lobster box, so that's why I'm asking

  • deathpool

    that's the point, the box doesnt appear in the content of the chest and I think before it was there

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The pet is fairly rare, but you can check the content yourself.

  • 100pcentTSK

    yea i wonder too......farmed 1 week for panda but didnt get one

  • Juare

    Im waitng for you and you gone

  • deathpool

    content of lobster chest was edited? I remember there was a chance of panda chest before, I think

  • EmyEmy

    OMG Juare :))) welcome <3 I did not see you in game yet!

  • Juare


  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    No ? why:(

  • react

    Elspeth pls ban her already

  • react


  • EmyEmy

    React ? stop it u nab xD

  • juli7505

    Forum Lottery:

  • UnkoJP

    Summer is not yet in SG. Due to the COVID-19, there wont be any summer invite xD

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    look on first page of the forum ( on general chat), you just started but you had 1-2 thinks to said about the server like you was playing on it for long time, and btw, i start to play like 2 months and half ago, i`m already cool for my lvl, both pvp and pvm... but don't worry you gonna get your server, the result will be 0 both for sv 1 and 2, gl

    hope this server 1 wont die as many others died, we all know this kind of story...we are few people atm, we gonna die with the items on the we already do\

    EDIT : nervermind.

    Who said anything about gearing up and hunting for 1 guy, if you have time for a such dumb things, go on then. Anyway If ppl had equipment good enough, they would've defended "their" spots from him. There is nothing against the rule that you've attached. He just beats up most of you and taking the loot that he fought for, if any of you can't handle this, just leave the spot or try to fight him back.

    Neither did I, you just mentioned in your first post some "1 player who does ks on pvp mode and steal drop" and I've related to that post :)

    Well if you're "not getting angry about what he's doing" but instead of that you're "talking here about ks and steal items (even on pvp mode )", then tell us why in the fuck your first post is in 80% about some "1 rude player" and why in the heck you've attached the rule which regards to " behaviour that goes far beyond the limit of the normal pvp and borderds on the limit of abuse" and to punishing people?

    Because many of this people spell 2 words in english, look Shibu, if you want more nicknames i can give, so why you don't just calm down and notact like a little fagg hidding behind the screen?I came here to debate not to point the finger to someone, you guys starts to introduce atabey here, i just want to be clear, i've saw the rule, i've write 1 topic to debate this, looks like this rule doesn't really exist or this rule apply somewhere else ( where ? budokan, guild war? ).

    i`m not getting angry about what he's doing, since i dont farm flame anymore( nodrop ), (i was ksed by him 2 times on lvl 105 metins) but if it's like this, it would be easier move some items from high lvl char and just go and kill pple around stealing the drop ... good ideea xD

    i`m talking here about ks and steal items (even on pvp mode ) i didnt mention any name, you did.

    Good morning everyone, recently last few days more and more people complain about 1 player who does ks on pvp mode and steal drop. I knew all of you had the same problem with him whatever you was farming FLAME or lvl 100+ metins, could you do something about this ? I saw pple get bored about this stuff, even me happend to get ksed by this rude player on high lvl metins :).

    • Any behaviour that goes far beyond the limit of the normal pvp and borderds on the limit of abuse, may be warned or sanctioned as harassment at the discrection of the staff.

    It's not just about us but every new player who starts on farming 65+ metins confront with the same problem.

    Please feel free to share your opinion, this is not a report ( since i didn't give any name and so on )

    normal equip +9 ( Shield 5 avg i remember , helm 21 +9 (no mob) 8 avg lion plate stones+5 and 1 fms that i still use on my farmer 45 avg stones+5 ... +ee and other things, it's enought to get started :) maybe were 6 days maybe were 8-9, but you can really do a lot of money in 1 week , you have acces to novice channel 30 days + you have farmer packet 1 week :) trust me it's not that hard.

    dont make that guy thinking this server it's hard, cuz it not hard for the first stages

    Hey, you can just look in this Guide Section : > Guides , Vyenna have lots of good topics !

    Look at the good point, here you can get decent gear in about 1 week without investing any $.

    Aswell you can aplly for "Novice Channel" . You will have better drop and the Channel it's almost empty :).

    You have the ticket inside inventory.

    Oh, so just because you guys can't learn an international language means they have to remove all other languages ?

    You know, it's not so easy to translate a full client to chinese... they didnt translate by themselfes to polish/romanian/italian, they had someone who was doing the quests/npc/mobs translation, so, bring someone and i`m sure they''ll gonna do it.

    Just because you spend most of your lifes inside a bunker playing games doesn't mean you can't learn english.

    I`m not doing great with my english skills but all i know atm it's because of metin2. I've learned here, no school,nothing.

    For the moment you have at the bottom of your friends list Helpers, you can ask them if you have any doubt


    If you don't know something you can use :


    If you have a quest or something like that, for example you have to kill a wild dog and you don't know which one is that mob you can simply type the name of the mob on and at the final you can add " metin2sg"

    Problem solved. GL

    Hello guys!

    First of all, sorry for my bad writing skills, i`m still trying to learn english;

    I would like to start by remind everyone how boring and stressfull it's to pick up everytime moons, wherever it is : SD2/SD3 or lemures spots.

    When you have like 2x Thieft glove's ( 1 bough from Item Mall and one from metin stones ) you get like 20-25 moons every bravery cape you use ( depends on the spot aswell)

    How about creating an new item which you can purchase from Item Mall ? Something like a third hand, but for certains items ;

    Let me explain : For example, you want to activate the autopick-up for MOONS, it's better, right ?! It would be awesome to a have a short list with all the items you want to auto-pick up like ( Legendary items/ Titanic /Mystic , Moons / Red chagers / green changers / Skill book ) ;

    How do you find this ? Let me know in comments below;