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  • L0lu

    There is an info about costumes, DSS and new Dungeon from [GA]Shadow, but it seems some poeple are just too lazy to check those topics first.

  • L0lu

    ALmoSIQaR Instead of whining, you should take 5 min. and check the latest Patch notes and responds under them.

  • ALmoSIQaR

    everyone aspires to get the best

  • ALmoSIQaR

    and we need something for dcc like changer we spent alot of gold and we got clean super class

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we need new runs and new maps and new costumes and new pets and new mounts

  • ALmoSIQaR

    the game now like metin2 in 2013 all things old

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we want somethings new in our game

  • ALmoSIQaR


  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

  • xCesarz

    Hexagonal time drop? 19-24?

  • Hiumi

    Then? What will happen?

  • [GA]Shadow

    They won't

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow will odins and other tp rings be transfered from s2 to s1?

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I agree

  • [GA]Shadow

    Maybe one day a light bulb would pop up and a solution may be found, but i am not going to waste precious days or weeks over some colors. There are better updates to do with this time.

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I forgot about that part.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Books are already ordered based on class and skill id inside your extra anyway

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    It just crossed my mind, it might've been already suggested here but i'll say it anyway.
    How about this, you make your shop, but is it attracting the players curiosity ? Is the name working ? Is the spot good ?
    What if the shop has a marker ? Every time a player clicks your shop you can see a number of how many clicks you have so far.

    Cheers :gamer:

    Nothing new here, the easiest they made the server more people will complain.
    I wanted to come back to metin for a while, but thinking in lving and farming P skills.... doing all that from scratch bothered me. But i still gave it a try. After i see how easy it is for new players now, i just got stuck on it again, I cant understand what is your problem at all.

    For little extra AC you can use def potion 70AC for 3 minutes.

    Ideal is to get 1500-1600 hp. Once you do that you get no damage and any other status is no longer required, AC is most important.

    I have total 850 AC so far, Dark shield is still M6 tho, giving me 88 AC based on total INT i have.
    Also Blade is still M8 and i havent read books in a while, only giving me 330+ Attack power and 6% abs to HP.
    The skills will be a matter of time.

    My Shield has 12 INT and 20% undead with 5+ INT (Mystic) maybe it would be better to get 15% Block and 20% undead.. and what special bonus ?

    I Started from 0 on this server, on 12th January this year, so far got BMA+7 5+ Dark res 5%avg res, Def+6 and 2x ss+5, Poison+9 ss+5, lvl60 helm with mob 5% 15% magic res 20% undead 20%hp regen, and the rest is still a bit crappy but working on it.
    It might seem a bit hard but, its not, i also talk from my prespective, fish some clams once in a while, and some red changers, you can easily make 100kk+ in a single morning, get 2 clams aprox. 3-4 red changers and theres 100kk.
    Also from this last event of Valentines i got 20 Won, events make your life a bit easier too.

    Indeed you are bad at expressing yourself "there should be an option new players and old players be equally at pvp. I dont say all the time but in some cases". Still "some cases" seems like hardly accomplishable. Lets supose theres an arena created and all players receive the same equipments to be fair right ? Not too strong, not too weak. The equipments would have to be created by the staff for you to use on that moment, creating equipment (6 items) for each players, and lets supose, since its an event that all can be equals, anyone can enter so, lets say around 200 players participate, 200x6 = 1200 items would have to be created. Is this what you had in mind ?

    "MystickaLara yes!" Yes means you agreed with what she said. Thats what i "see"

    Also, you want to be "equal" with players in PvP ?
    Some players here like i said farm 24h straight and put a lot of effort into the game, when they dont want to use mall.
    You cant seriously be expecting to be "equal" with someone that plays 100 hours a week when you only play 20. It wouldnt be fair to those players

    I never said "quests with dropable items worth 10-20kk, or money directly gold".

    Start reading my first post or the suggestion threat when i make it and we talk it later. I speak for old quest books (with modern touch) and i speak about a system for more rep. quests for all lvl gaps. Rewards and gaps its not the concern of a player.

    As a player i want to have more options in game.

    And btw, did u play on the original Korean server to know exacly what type of game is Metin2? and what possibilities it has?

    I know very well what im talking about, MystickaLara said that, you agreed, so its the same.
    Yes i did play the Korean and ? Whats the difference ?

    How a system with dropable quest books will ruin the economy (which is playerbased) is behond me. Could u describe it more plz?

    This game is old sure. The players getting older and forget? dropable quest books were in game. End we all know "old" games that last in time and became even better in time.

    It was said before, "quests with dropable items worth 10-20kk, or money directly gold" This is has to be a joke.
    Unless you specificly want the old quest books that will reward you 100k, about that, i agree. You can have fun doing your quests and 100-500k reward seems ok for it.