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  • Snipas

    oh the hunter's hour xD

  • PrometheusX

    Hunter's Hour was 13 days ago he meant

  • Snipas

    what was 13 days ago?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It was 13 days ago

  • namcontrol

    When is hunter hour?It's not listed in the calendar.

  • Snipas

    yep, and it will be great to farm certain places, like HL2

  • PrometheusX

    after the pierce change, players no longer will be punished(especially in PVP) for having high defense

  • Snipas

    Shadow actually posted some tests on the MENTAL WARRIOR TWEAKS thread

  • Snipas

    what always been, when pierce happens its addming the defense to you damage, so if you deal 1000dmg and target has 100 defense and you pierce you give 1100dmg instead of the suposed 1000

  • jureczek

    What is bad with pierce?

  • Snipas

    Shadow do you have a planned time for the pierce dmg fix? or still on the workbench?

  • alerosi93

    any scrool for fail the up?

  • kamicolo

    Tary put on forum at 20 gmt but he write wrong day

  • Dark

    there is no spawn metin event ?

  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Nothing was nerfed

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    Don't want to generalise! I'm just interested if anybody here had a similar experience with such players. I just want to know if it is just me or other players having the same feeling. As I said I don't want to offend anyone and I don't want to judge or generalise a group of players. I just want to hear your experiences with these type of players. Hope you understand me. I'm seriously interested in constructive criticism!!!

    King Regards,

    Hey Com,

    I really don't want to offend anyone in this thread I just want to share some experience with you. I have the feeling that Romanian players are the rudest players on the whole server. I chat and haggle a lot with others. What I noticed is that some players especially players from Romania are rude as ****. They make you absurd offers and are extremely offensive most of the time. It feels like they want to scam you every time. Just want to know if you guys had similar experiences with Romanian players.

    Again I really don't want offend anyone here. I just want to share my experience so far.

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :)

    Hey guys I want to ask you if you think that I can do orc maze solo :)
    I built this gear in about 1 month so dont expect anything special :D
    My stats from the whole gear:
    44% avg
    8.65k hp
    40 orcs
    13% hp absorb
    24% avg resist
    5% crit
    8% faint

    I have about 530 def(with dark shield) and 15k-16k hp in total. My Blade is P, Shield M9, Fear M6. Can I do orc maze solo with this sura and my buff? What would you change in my gear?

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :)

    Depends on the price per ring but if we say you sell them for 28kk-29kk it will be 1,4kkk-1,45kkk.

    Kind Regards,

    Hey guys I want to know which level is the best for high level farming. With high level farming I don't mean red wood forrest or flame field or anything in this area. I want to know the possibilities for the levels 86, 92, 96 and 100+. I have a level 75 warrior and I want to level up but I don't know which level is the best for the best gold/hour ratio. Hopefully the community can help me out.

    PS: I prefer slashing monsters than farming metins. Maybe you can consider this in your answer <3

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :D

    Yeah try V3 and also try to kill the mobs in the corner. You have to hit the mobs permanently so your Blade will do good work. When you stay in a corner most of the mobs don't fly away so they are always near by and you can hit them the whole time. Also try to get a mount which gives you deff. Im sure with these tips you are able to lvl in V3 because I did it too with lv 35.
    Good Luck and Kind Regards,
    MrWang :thumbsup:

    Don't stay in the middle of the room. You have to kill the mobs in a corner. I lvl there with my body warrior from lv 35 to 75. What you also can try is to get a deff mount. If you have a military horse you can get a 150 deff mount. Don't get frustrated sometimes you have to buy 10 certificates to get a deff mount. Good Luck and stay motivated you will do it.
    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :thumbsup:

    Hey I have a lv 75 body warrior with aura P and other skills near G1. Gear is good and I have a buff with ~ 33% buffs.
    Where or what should I farm with him?

    I also have a lv 55 Weapon Sura with Blade P and other skills near G1. Gear is ok. His buff has ~ 27% buffs.
    Where or what should I farm with my Sura?

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :D

    Somebody ingame told me it is not allowed to access orc maze with 2 chars from the same IP. Is this true or can I go through the orc maze with as many chars as I want from the same IP?

    Kind Regards,
    MrWang :D

    Yeah you're right. there have to be some that low level players get more items or higher chances to get better items etc. or otherwise the high level players get less stuff. i could also imagine that only low level players who farmed it from low level bosses can sell/trade the items and high level players can only use it for themselves.

    thanks for your point of view


    Do you(Community) think its cool when the bosses(from dungeons only) have a 100% drop rate for a random rare item.
    Please share your thoughts about it.
    MrWang :D