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  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Nothing was nerfed

  • Levioh

    actually drop rates from level 90 metins got reduced to 6% instead of 7

  • PrometheusX

    50% stones were a thing for a long time, you get the blessing from Erebus boss; not sure about red changer drop rate nerfs, doubt it tbh

  • Levioh

    random 50% stones coming out of nowhere , red changer drop rates nerfed , those changes are fine for me , but can we have a list of them?

  • Levioh

    can we have a patch notes for the changes that are in place?

  • Snipas

    Shadow can you check the post about atkspeed and mov speed? cause due to the rarity stats + combo of % green potss + the one es from moonligh everyone can get 200 atk speed +

  • KuzeyReich

    Onyekuru - sonkuzeyli pm me

  • Annonyum

    Dark, it might still take some time for the results to show up.

  • Dark

    hey i cant find the fishing extravaganza post from yesterday ...

  • mfker

    all gone

  • Deathawaits

    they are pvm stats so yes

  • deathpool

    Still today Idk if fire resistance, lightning and so on are useful somewhere

  • Snipas

    May i sugest, some items become stackble? like Blood Pills xD

  • Shop5000

    Finaly those pvp stats were removed thanks :thumbsup:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As every change, some will love it, some will hate it ;)

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    ok, my point stands the cons are much greater than the worth on the skill anw, and btw it can't be only 390 (only on my chars i have over 400 of these atack speed potions, and let me tell you these are diffrent from the ones on the Mall) these ones have the image of the M green potion and the one on the mall the icon of the L green potion, same can be said of the item "leonard pill ( +60 mov speed) and the item Leopard pill.

    Such simple change as making mov speed stay at 250 and atk speed cap be raised to 250 would make the skill so much worth without impacting the balance in a huge way....

    let me correct you they do stack, il post the evidence as soon as i log in, 1 its called green potion M and other Attack speed Potion and 1 gives a flat value of 30 and the other 15% thats why they are stacking, as so do the Green Elixir with the Magic resis potion (both are different level potions of the same kind) and other examples as the White Elixir and the defense potion

    but as you can recall you can use the % atk speed pots for 30 min (and you receive a free stack of 200 if you doing all the quests) =6000 min and the M or L pots drop on moonlights so everyplayer can get it as they are getting them in day to day playing, wich means im going to sacrifice tanking capability so i don't use a free resource? no logic in that i understand where you getting, but tbh i can make all my gameplay without zerk without even noticing it in the atk speed and mov speed due to all the free availble resource

    if so, with all the mov speed you can get from leonard pills and pots + items and green pots combo (%green pots and L green pots)

    then it means Berserk is mostly useless at 90% of time cause increases hurt rate, and the values it gives aren't usefull, is the team thinking of balancing the skill?

    the meaning or berzerk is a skill that makes the char super focused and going ballistic, why not maintain half the hurt rate, reduce the mov. speed and atk. speed bonus to half, and add another bonus?

    I would sugest maybe adding pierce since there is no skills in game with this stat wich would make it unique and exactly the counterpart of the mental warrior.

    ofc im just extrapolating

    As the title sugests im buying some items.

    -35x Shaolin Stance SB's : 500k each

    -25x Charge SB's : 500k each

    -Clean HTE+9 OR HTE+9 with 8%avg : make the price and lets negotiate.

    -HTB +0 - +9 8% Avg or 8% Restore : depending on the +

    -HTN +9 (mistic prefered) : depending on the mistyc stat

    -SCE +0 to +9

    -Poison Sword any + 45%+ AVG and preferred with mistyc stats.

    PM ME IGN: Darkbllad3r or leave me a PM on the forum as when im at work i can't log in game.:bday:

    Players tend to share their metin2 folder to help people with patching issues. If we add this save login features, it will create a file with all your stored data in that same folder, and sharing it means giving free access to anyone who has that file.

    A safer way is simply using a macro to register your logins. I doubt the average metin2 players know where the macro file is located and nobody would need your macro files at all.

    A Few days ago i asked Elsbeth and another Game Master and the answer is clear "macros and other 3rd party software is forbiden" imagine i can script a macro on my keyboard to dismount load aos mount and dismount load zerk, and all in 1-2 sec, can you imagine how manipulative a macro be? xD

    As the thread says

    What is the true diference between Average Damage and % vs monster?

    Does Vs Monster % affects metin stones?

    what are the items in wich i can get *% vs monster, *Avg damage (not counting lvl 30 and 75 weaps), *avg resis.

    can someone be kind enough to explain me these new rarity stats, ive cameback to gaming after many years outside of this worls.


    here's the deal this is from tec-interactive website, i think a SGA or Christopher even could make a post or thread about these interviews. don't jump to conclusion

    Bottomline, the damage between foot and horse, can be the same, but not lower, if it is lower there is something wrong. But without any data shown I can't really answer.

    Shadow when players talk about stats, it isn't always stat points, but anw, the data can only be provided by the thread owner since i never experienced any issue of sorts