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  • RwbyRose

    Probably Rwby :P

  • CaptainDrunk

    who won the fish event ?

  • [SMOD]Tary

    You should have received an email to activate your account, Piotr Czuper

  • Piotr Czuper

    Hi maybe can I activate my account?

  • MrSoon

    Sura 64lv in PVM King Event - 10.11.2018 Check it out :) :assaultrifle:

  • Mighty007


  • Levioh

    better provide those screenshots of you getting profit from that fms , tired of you being incompetent and calling other out when you have no idea of prices

  • Levioh

    nature instead of throwing mud at people face you better commit that 8-9 won on the fms just to show you how smart and quirky you are a

  • A.O.S

    jese bm god part 1

  • Jese

    The Best of BM

  • MutenRoshiii

    Eyes 300k tail 10k.

  • Jan Nowak

    Hello. How much cost spider eyes and scorpion tail ?

  • EmyEmy

    :D you need to wait they will be accepted

  • iPsycho

    Drunk 7d bann incoming

  • CaptainDrunk

    for real sins i got 1 day bann they ignore ? :D

  • CaptainDrunk

    i see Tary is in forum.. why it take so long when i used my ODINS i need my coins bro

  • CaptainDrunk

    is there any GM online ??

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Krylo, all the categories are explained in the PvM King thread

  • Krylo

    can someone tell me which are the categories of pvm kong event?

  • Saft

    Cosplay priceees xD

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    restore works this way: if you have 10% u get a 10% chance when killing a mob to get 10% of ur max hp back.

    Therefor 8avg on higher lvls is more important.

    You can stack restore elsewhere, like bracelet and scn. Resistance doesnt really fall off if u stack, but resotre becomes obsolete if u reach 20-30% ur fine. (EE+8 with restore gives 18 restore with sockets).

    Hp restore only works as long as you kill monsters, so pvp and bosses its not so usefull. But 30% is already nice to have since smallest mobnumber is 3, that means if you kill 1 group you get rly close to 100% chance of restoring 30% of you max hp. That sound enough huh?

    I mean if you loose more than 1/3 of you life vs 3 monsters, u need something else than restore :D

    Will this event proceed in august ?

    I kinds felt like i´ve seen it for ending today in upcoming events but it isn´t there. I´m rly not sure what i had seen :D

    But as u can see, u have to check from time to time. rn is moonlight. But i am not sure if that was already stated in calendar yesterday.

    Does someone remember if it was?

    Yea i know, thats why i mentioned that i felt this:


    is more actual than the grid. (from my experience this one matches all the time with ingame happenings)

    E: ok u aren´t the same persons, sorry i was confused:modo:


    Hm i can tell you that next week there is no moonlight at the event calendar for monday, tuesday and thursday. You can check by clicking on "upcoming events" in the dropdown menu when you clicked on "Calendar" in before, it´s at the upper left corner of Forumpage.

    palita, i am still wondering if u are really like that or just playing a funny role.

    but well guys it´s simple math, common game knowledge and for me as player the algorythm for droprate is easy to understand. Also easy to get an imagination for effort when farming certain things. And i play here since 2-3 weeks, after a break from over 8 years. So i think you as vet´s should be able to do so too.

    But yea sometimes the whish of 98 being 87 is bigger than logic i feel. And before u ask, i say this because your droprate is best at 87 if mob is 97. Should be even better or same than at 60 (here im not sure, since moons seem to be a special case). On old servers u had a dropchance decrease if u r 2 low, or even a benchmark like for 61 shield or for 66 armor. So infact, be happy that its possible to drop here items when ur -15lv below the monster.

    Same goes obv. in the other direction but this was already mentioned before.

    Have a good evening, i would be pleased if replies only appear after the reader understood what i´ve said, instead of wondering why i use monkeys in an example (palita, pls look up the definition of the word "example" or ignore me if u r playing a silly role :))

    I guess you don´t understand it.

    You always have same % bonus/malus when you are lower/higher than the monster you r killing. But additional, and here is my interpretation of shadows words; the droprate of Moonlightboxes itself is higher if you kill monsters of a higher lvl.

    Example numbers are fictional:

    lvl1wild dog has 0,0001% dropchance when you are lvl1, but decreased by10% per char lvl higher

    V2 lvl62 mob has 0,001% dropchance when you are lvl62, but decreased by 10% per char lvl higher

    So infact the amount decreased by overleveled Chars becomes more important at higher levels, but still its impossible (in the way math works) to say you have same drop at v2 as in map1 as lvl62. And i dont get the point where it should be useful if a lvl100 could farm moonlightboxes at Monkeyydungeon map2 for example.

    We also improved the drop info from the monsters, but feel free to point out if some drops are still missing from the list.

    I´m not sure, but i didn´t noticed such thing in game yet. Where should i look for that drop info? Or isit still in the making?

    Sorry if that was already mentioned somewhere else, just wondering since the other Updates from your post are already online.


    Also a thanks from me, didnt see the game without these updates but dont want to miss these adjustments never. Great job!

    Was only here to check if there is really a att speed bug. Can you tell me if there is also a cap at 170 for other classes from horseback?

    Another thing i wanted to throw in the "actual" discussion is:


    you guys again dont get it:

    first of all: you are here to play the game and have fun and not tell me what is job of GM or GA or SGA and in which way we need to do our job, ofcourse u can give suggestion or say your opinion but keep your opinion in a cirkel where a GM has nothing to do with it

    I have no opinion or knowledge about your personal dispute with EmyEmy (will only call him "player" from now on).

    I´d say that fom the point of view as a company i would be grateful if my customers give me feedback on my work.

    Further I´d say that if you are really meaning what you say, we as community should be exempted from those disputes you have with a specific (group of) player. Since those things are better kept in a cirkel where a GM (or community i.m.o.) has nothing to do with it.

    I am just a player.

    Thank you.