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  • EmyEmy

    Lol xd

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    but as harsh as you can be and bias as you are, you can't expect us to fix a problem that doesn't happen to everyone in reasonable times

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I don't doubt you had freeze issues, which happen during login when the packets are loaded and if one crash... thats the freeze

  • Arigato

    cool thanks for the help then

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yup i did and i can log without issues

  • Arigato

    nothing more

  • Arigato

    I just reported a bug if you want you can check it wich i believe is your job

  • Arigato

    I guess thats amusing and shocking

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The ignorance of saying you have tried from another pc while using the same internet is both amusing and shocking thou

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I suppose me and this player are somehow immune to it :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

  • Arigato

    I also tryed from other pc its not the problem mostly at nephrite and thunder / dawn and capes are working just fine

  • Arigato yeah its perfectly fine u are right rofl just fix

  • EmyEmy

    Yes, if ch2 has disconnections switch to other channels its simple as that

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will have its own website and forum

  • PaliPali

    Last tuesday ch2 was also causing player crashes/disconnects pretty often

  • EmyEmy

    If server 2 opens , there will be a forum for s2 it makes sense

  • S3ke

    so is there anywhere i can check whats the news regarding the server 2 ? since you guys will not post it here ?how can we know when it will be opened ?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    it seems to work fine, remember that limiting yourself to say "is bugged" doesn't say anything at all.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

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    Add daily quests on Main server with a semi good reward system to make a direct Coin/money injection for players who don’t have time to farm 24/7 like me and increase ur lvl cap to 150 and i’ll come back on S1

    Nobody is saying otherwise but what about the market value which has drastically dropped since all bonuses are now the same?

    Do you really think the ssb i bought for 20 wons last week still has the same re sale value SINCE NOW WE ALL HAVE THE SAME ITEMS??

    Thought i'd leave my opinion and my experience with .SG
    I was a .US player most time, i was transfered here when that server closed, i can tell you there, all the events you had were OX at friday, and national war once per month. It was really hard for one to farm enough to have decent equipments, since that server was swarmed by bots, prices were unbalanced, if i wanted to do real money, i'd have to drop a stone with at least +4 and AoS book, the rest was just discardable. What kept me most on .US was the fact i was on a guild for 6 years, and made lifetime friends. And interactions with GM's ? It would be like hunting a UFO. You could ask on shout all you wanted "Any GM? Pm me pls i need help" forget about it, you'd never EVER get a reply.

    Now arriving at .SG, the market seemed way better and fair, no bots, frequently if not daily events, and everytime i asked for help of a GM on general chat i got contacted pretty fast. I stopped playing serious for about 2 years, and now i created a new acc. NOW for this time period the game has changed A LOT. From the start you have +8/+9 items, its easy to lvl, by the time you are lvl20 you have 1kk already, Armour and Weapon vendor sell you +6+7+8+9 items. The only thing i dont understand yet is the new bonus on the items like, "Mystic" "Titanic" etc. Then, farming has never felt so rewarding, lvl30 metins constantly dropping Green adders and changers. Getting to high lvl is as hard as getting to lvl30 in the past.
    Im playing for almost 2 weeks now and i nearly have 400kk already (idk if you consider that much or not)

    Cant really complain about the server by my part

    Couldn’t agree more with all of ur statement since i played on USserver for 10 years both on old kingdom and new world and it was hard as **** doing anything unless you spent your monthly salary to make items

    but mostly this is exactly what i was stating when i started this thread that i was being punished because of using Taichi in Pvp is a drawback because of the pierce i was being hit with was not normal.

    i hope it gets fixed and thanks for the reply

    My problem is being solved by the team as i was trying to point out the flaw in the mechanics of pierce Which is only alarmingly effective vs Taichi P which renders it useless in combat.

    My point here is done

    I think they dont understand what you try to explain.

    They act like you want to remove the piercing hits.

    You want to repair a broken mechanic instead of removing it but these kids wont understand it.

    and that was exactly what i was trying to point out in this thread.

    Thank you SGM Shadow.

    I think you were the only one who understood what i meant by this thread and the correction that needed to be done with piercing hits. <3 much appreciated. Hopefully would see it soon implemented in game and get to test it ... <3