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    My short guide how to fish :assaultrifle::assaultrifle::assaultrifle:

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    What kind of counter in the background is this?

    I think they dont understand what you try to explain.

    They act like you want to remove the piercing hits.

    You want to repair a broken mechanic instead of removing it but these kids wont understand it.

    lvl and equip?

    you need a lvl 61 body warrior with lvl 61 shield +9 and def stone +6 in any Armour you got.

    Also a Fms+9 with around 35 to 45 average with Monster and Crit +5/6 might be good

    Finally some % of strong vs devils so you can kill them faster

    My Farmer is lvl 61 with lvl 61 shield +9, lvl 34 armour with stone of defence +6, a fms+9 42 average with monster and crit +5 and i also got 60% devils with max Hp.

    i hope this information will help you :thumbsup:

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    Okay thank you Tary!

    Farming Spider Eyes in desert - my favourite places. The marked spots in the map show the dominant type of drop, either spider eyes or spider web, but they both drop.

    In about 2 hours, with a 2 hours glove and a lv 25 character (i like to use body warrior) the shop will look like this :

    I tried it myself and it really works.

    After 2 hours of farming i got this items:

    Thanks a lot!

    I never heard of poly marbles crafting before can you explain that more in detail?

    Thanks in advance =)

    Any player who want to take part in the farming of moonlight boxes should get lv60 and some basic items, not so expensive but with enough vs devil, orcs or animals to be able to farm the monsters from the 4 maps that have the best drop. I tested the drops for you guys, I put the spots on the maps so you can go and farm, you have in there estimation of the number of moons/hour. All you have to do is leave the "stay lv35 for map2" and move to farm, lv up and start doing new things.

    Thanks to your guide and your answers im now able to farm them at manticores with around 250 boxes per hour. Thanks a lot! :thumbsup: