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    Than for advice guys for now though i think i will farm horse medals , also i droped a rib , dunno what to do with it for now and i switched to body warrior i will stay lvl 30 to farm horse medals but i might have lowered my drop .

    Hmm , i guess i have to choose between a Sura or corporal warrior to farm(my main is 25 mental atm) because i like to be fast when or mining.. i dont't know what to say about those seem kinda boring for me but might try them , also i did thought about a guild but i dunno if im gonna have any sucess joining one to donate xp.

    Got lvl 25 for today , a taichi book and that's all for now , i did read one or two of your guides i will look for more , maybe read them from phone too , they are a big help also is the novice channel very good?
    Also for mental warrior which book cost the most?

    Hi guys , so i wanted to ask can anyone tell me from where to start , i mean i came back from a break of metin2 (the break was from 2015 to now) so i would like to ask how should i make money at first?and i would be gratefull for more tips about the game .

    Sorry for my bad grammar .
    Ign : Ishryn