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    Hey guys.

    I've been playing a while ago and basically quited after my account got suspended. :banned:

    I'm now starting from zero in the blue empire. My Ingame Name is: TearDropX

    I will be waiting for y'all.

    Maybe I can meet some of the players I used to play with.

    Greetings AlphaF1 :evilgrin:

    because now i did, and in the end you crying that you sould your armour too cheap and the guy who bought it, told somebody else bought it, buhuuuuu, life goes on

    ik it sucks, it really sucks and i feel sorry for you, but in the end all this bullshit here is just for nothing, cause YOU did a misstake and nobody else.

    Why are you using YOU when im not the person who sold the armor?

    Why are you even commenting when you havent read the whole post, lmao ?(

    You were blocking me on horse race, now I'm blocking you to leave.

    Do not stop doing somerthing you like, cause of some stupid reason, I bet there are much more positive things you experienced on this server!


    To be honest, i wanted to write: This commiunity is garbage, but since my last Thread got banned i calmed down a bit :D

    Since many weird things happened on the 23.11.2017 i decided to leave this Server.

    People were lying and getting other people involved, who had nothing to do with the situation.
    People are trading black tunics for friends nowadays.

    Can you even find good personalities in such a server?
    I atleast found some awesome people, special thanks to following persons:

    QueenMedusa - Noone can break us apart <3
    Jirel - Even if we had problems at the start( :growup: ), it turns out he is a great person.
    And0r - Who reallly helped me out much, with anything. I still owe you a clam ... :saint:
    DonGohan - Who made me leave a pile of garbage, which still hides a few pearls.
    LegendaryPanda - A good old friend from my first account on this server, i´ve never met him after, but you´ll stay in my mind buddy <3
    Anachel - Thanks for listening to me and all dt runs you made :thumbsup:

    Im sorry if i forgot someone, feel adressed, whoever you are.
    Thank you for giving me the chance to meet such people :thumbup:

    Those were 2 really quick months. I enjoyed it most of the time and the events were amazing. Thank you for that Tary!
    Sometimes it is better to leave than to stay and cause trouble for people.

    Lots of love to almost all of you guys and girls on Singapore.

    ~If im getting buried one day, i want to get buried on my stomach so that some people can kiss my a**

    After many people saying different numbers to that question, seing some people with 4 some with 6 accounts in DT and Helpers being unable to give a clear information (no offense) I wanted to ask:

    How many characters am I allowed to join the Demon Tower with? ?(

    Until today I always joined with 2 characters, because im afraid of getting banned. :banned:
    I would like an answer from a GM/GA or somebody that can give me the information without having to guess it.

    Greetings ~ AlphaF1 :saint: