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    It can't affect the company's image more than it already did. Anyone who played here sees what happened. The funny thing is all the denial and defences thrown around.

    Skills are a core part of the game that they realize and expect to have advantages but everyone upgrades skills, everyone can do it and close the gap.

    You may not find it necessary, but it may be one of the reasons to choose other servers for new players, with server 2 being the obvious candidate as it happens. Why play on a server where u need to invest additionally in order to be able to compete.

    "If players don't want pvp accessories, then they don't buy them"

    But others will, others do, so they will just consider this : can i compete ? And they can't, cuz they don't want to buy or can't or whatever, so why bother playing on this server and not the 2nd one?

    "So, why to remove an aspect of the game because 93% of present players find them useless?"

    Um...what? XD

    How? Well i believe the fact that the players over at sv2 don't want these is a good enough reflection of what new players want.

    Of course, among other things, but it doesn't mean that system is perfect. Obviously ppl dun want it nowadays, it's that simple.

    Well i'm up for changing them and whenever they expire it'll be fair game. I can't guarantee for every player but i think we both agree that it should be done regardless of every player's wishes, and that's the direction you were going for i believe.

    Whether some players complain or not, if it is for the best of the server then it should be done. Only old players could say "it's the only way to spend golds" cuz they have already everything else, but *if* their wishes keep players away then i'm sorry but maybe it's time they have to go find something else to do.

    I'm sure the survey you did for server 2 helped you understand much better than anyone what people are looking for in a server today.

    I know you are in a difficult position with server 1 and i wish you succeed in revitalizing it someday.

    I'd love to stop having to play warrior or sura, but rn the only way i see is to play server2 and I personally would like to avoid that.

    I fully agree w you and i personally never complained abt some changes, i just said I'd like to see some.

    I thought you were looking for a way to make the changes w/o upsetting anyone. If it was me I'd go along w it just like u want to and never look back.

    I meant if u remove them and refund, people shouldn't have smth to complain abt...hopefully.

    I'm trying to come up w suggestions on how to do that, nothing more.

    And trust me i know u don't but i can understand if u busy even of the reason is the 2nd server, but i think a bit more transparency would be welcome, just so the players here know what's going on. The developer diary was a good idea for that.

    I'm not even sure what is the purpose of your posts? you don't have a point to them, u just type whatever goes through ur mind.

    who is crying? this is a suggestions Thread, do you understand the meaning of that word? whether we want lvl 100 at beginning or an exact copy of server 2 is irrelevant.