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    Let's just have a Discord server instead of TS3.


    + Probably less costly for the TEC team since it's hosted on Discord's own servers
    + Persistent text chats with image, tagging, colors, emoji, reactions etc.
    + Can open a trading channel
    + Does support voice chats. Can open voice channels for dungeon runs, DT runs, nations and the top 5 guilds, etc.


    - TEC might prefer to have their servers hosted themselves
    - Not many people are used to using Discord
    - Extra work for the team to maintain a friendly environment without spam

    Please allow the Horse Medal item (dropped from Ape Dungeons) to be stackable in the inventory, similar to how you can stack potions.

    This would be useful for people who have more than 20 medals. It's easy to drop that many in one go.

    I believe this is already implemented in the newest version of the official GF servers. Should be near trivial to implement it over here, too!