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    Well, i have an idea too:

    It's about the revival place option. To put a higher time for revival in the same place or disable it (or put an item to use it). The reason? Well, now that ks rule was removed sometimes you can think "If i kill this one, i can get the spot, even if it cost me 2k rank point" but, if you do it's not worth, because he can simply revive in the same place so, why to do pvp? Why to kill if later i can drop and he doesn't lose neither time? If someone is trying to fuck you doing ks or stealing items you can't do nothing because he revives in 10 seconds. In this way at least you have a higher time due to the cost of your rank points. If you want to play as a villian it has no sense neither, because he can revive in 10 seconds and start to try to make you drop. No sense, you prepare pvp as an alternative and it has no positive effects in any sense, neither to farm or steal. Even to other kingdom people.

    Okey bro, as i see you don't want to see disadventages and warriors are perfect for you i will give you the reason, because it not makes sense wasting more my time: "Yes, you are right, berseck P is one of best skills ever, it breaks the cap, and the damage on p is not great (even when in m1 you get like a 18 - 25% more dmg aprox), you can lure all mobs in hl with an armor lv 90 stones +6 perfect dops (because it s something all we have, of course) so, don't worry, just up the skill and you will see ^^ " I hope this sounds better for you now.


    You don't really need that 21% extra of AS because the cap, as simple as that. In a boss you can perfectly pulse the button again (If you are not poly), but, as he is not 105 to make runs (and i am sure because a 105 do not question that), then it s better if he doesn't up it till the times come. Also, added damage is in % so, a level 18 will receive much less damage added than a higher one (As a 80) because higher lv monster do a higher damage.

    G1. Cap is on 200. Berseck g1 gives you 41% atck speed aprox. 100+41 = 141 + 27% from poison +9 = 168 + speed potion green [M] = 188 + bio = ~200.

    Have it on Perfect is to do not use those speed potions, but you take a lot more of damage. Just my advice, you can do what you want, but i wouldn't consider it because the price of 200 potions are just 10kk.

    If you want perfect, make sure to do a super eq. The advantage i see there are the colors of skill haha.

    Well, because is a fact that you are ruining market and creating deflaction. People can perfectly stop buying and wait till you sell or wait till the prices go down a lot. So, for the market, a discount of 40%, is a great problem.

    Here mine:

    Captured 08 / 07 / 2017 (dd/mm/yyyy).

    Also, Tary, as suggestion i think the next time we must post the capture in the next 4 days. Unless, we can wait till close to the end to make this and well, it removes competition... Furthermore, i would like this event at least once two weeks (hunter rank is each week so, why don't this one two weeks each month?)

    @Arigato , even if it's not supported, that doesn't mean he will be treated as the worst, just means that if he has issues with the account because his friend steal him or something like that, he can do anything because literally account is not in his e-mail. Also:

    only if you start paying money that's how the things work here

    Wtf is this, i don't put money here but the service is excellent. I didn't have any type of issues with them in all these years. Just bad players have problems i guess, and by bad, i mean the ones who use hacks, exploit, steal or bugs :).


    Answering your question:

    Personally i recommend you to have yur own accounts but well. You can always start by fishing: each clam is 12kk. You MUST get basic eq, and by basic i mean to upgraded eq without rarity (because this type of eq is cheap and you can farm very well without rarity. Until one or two years ago rarity didn't exist so, the others players farmed with this type of eq). Fow weapon sura...

    - Armour lv 70+9
    - Poison sword +30 avg / fms + 40 avg
    - Helmet lv 60
    - Phoenix shoes or quilin shoes
    - Ebony earrings or soul cristal earrings
    - Heaven tear necklace or gold necklace
    - Heaven tear bracelet or Ebony bracelet
    - Any shield lv 61

    All of this upgraded to the max.

    If you get good eq, make money to up a character in your e-mail account. You would be surprised how many players i saw to be stealed by "their friends".

    See you boys, and good luck :).

    P.d.: Start from zero nowadays is very easy, you could make a perfect in a month so... play with the character you most like, if not, you will get bored. Also, dragon mage is very important in this server, as long as assassins :) You will need them to make runs.

    Infernal flame field, ghost forest, gigants, maps lvl 90+... These maps are usually free, i see lots of metins. Also, red wood forest and new red wood forest is also avaiable. Just up level and you will find more sites, we dont need more channels. It would create deflaction in Market.

    I would use Ts in the case it would be able to create a Ts channel with password for my guild, but, as you can suppose, i dont like that anyone come inside it and ear all we speak and etc. Thats why i dont use it, personally of course.

    Well, because that is a bug and they have this rule in the third point:

    • Bug using and exploits are strictly forbidden. Abusing the multi account to obtain unfair advantages with quests or ingame systems is strictly forbidden. The players are forced to report any bug or known exploit to the Admins. The players caught using bugs or exploits, may be suspended, permanently banned or stripped of some items at the team's discretion.

    Call me crazy, but i like to have my accounts in perfect state. You use it, but you don't know if it's considered a bug exploit.