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    Very Nice :)

    Boss spawn every hour
    The Ice Witch teleports random all 5 Minutes between this Spawn places

    Ice Coffin contains:

    I hope this helps ^^


    I be searching People for Run's in Yellow Kingdom, to do Every Day Run's ^^

    I want to do following run's :gamer:

    Hell Run
    Ice Run
    Devil's Catacomb
    Plague Run
    Aqua Dragon

    All Item's that we drop in the Run, will be Sold in my Shop's and when Item's are sold we split the Gold, that every Player from the Run gets the same amount of Gold.
    You want to do Run's(Every Day <3 ) and you think you be good enought to do it, comment here or pm me in Froum or Ingame :vain:
    I speak German and English, but i prefer German.
    :P :P :P

    You are right, when the Team would make such an Update, they have to Balance the damage to^^
    Sorry forgot it :)

    @Alin Stefan
    I understand why you find nobody for Runs, why should someone go with you to run, when he can make it solo, most players(me too) have some Friends which Buff them, Attacker get all Drops and Buff get 10-20kk or the Attacker will Buff next time his Friend when he do a run.

    I think when People can not do it solo, they are Searching for Groups,
    Like Erebus Run, you need 4 People to succes that run, when you search for People you find most time some to do it, because they not able to do it solo ^^

    And maybe the Cooldown of every Run should be increased, so that the prices do not go down.

    Hello :)

    I have the solution for the abuse problem. :vain:

    Make the Run's HARDER, now you need 1 Attacker and 1 Buff and you can do every Run solo.

    When you make the runs harder that you need 5-8 Players, you can make 1x Drop per IP.
    Give Monsters more HP, more Hp- Regeneration and more Defence(Resistance), so one player will not be able to do it solo.

    Same for the Boss of every Run.

    As Example i take Azrael from Devils Catacomb.
    You need around 20-25k hit's to kill him solo, when he would have more resistance that a Player can make max. 5-6k Damage Hits(with good EQ), you would need 5+ Player's to get him down.
    + when you give him more HP and more HP-Regeneration he would be much more harder and not able for one Attacker

    I think it would be not so much work for the Team to change that.

    When this would be changed, you could make 1xDrop per IP(but dont let the names on the Items so fast dissapear, when 8 People drop it will be a big drop)

    It would improve the Teamplay and this would be very nice :thumbsup:

    What do you say to my solution?

    And Maybe we get an Answer from @Shadow :hmm:

    It was only a suggestion.

    Since the IP-Block i do not make run's. The only what i do is Lv up and killing some 110/120 Metins xD
    Which Position should they catch from me?

    2 year ago, there was no IP block and every Player was able to do every Run Solo.

    When the Runs would be harder, the Player which makes now runs with 2 ppl(War and Mage) must search for 6 other Players. So it would Easier for new People to find a Group.

    Atm it is so when you play Buff, any lv 100 Player will take you in grp, give you 20kk(for each run) and he get all dropps. When you be War/Sura/Sin nobody will make a run with you

    When i can put my 4 Highest chars to one account, you can remove Multiacc. :D

    Why not making runs harder, that you need 7-8 Active Player's to succes the run?

    It would be make much Fun to do a run with 8 Players and you could raise the drop, that every IP dropp his own dropp, because nobody can invite AFK Characters, because they will will fail the run when not all 8 Players Active.

    And raise Cooldown Time from every Run. So the market will not get flooded by the Items from a run. :thumbsup:

    ty for the reply's.

    I ask Tary ingame and she said all the item's are already droppable, but she dont say me where i can drop.

    But when really coming new maps, maybe its the best when i only wait for it :D