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    No we need time to balance and to decide how the run should be since we do things with the head and not with the thoughts on the wallet :)

    Anyway since you quit and since you spend all your time roaming on the forums insulting both players and admins, I have decided to kill your forum and ingame account.


    ban him from forum but why the ingame accounts too? i play with them. and this hurts nothing/nobody.

    -be level 60 (required number to go Fugutives Cape from Teleporter)

    -have a fms/rib with 35% dmg

    -have like 10% hp restore and like 15-20% hp absorb

    -have a buffer with you (25-30% bless spell and crit are enough)

    the monsters you should kill are Lemures. they are lvl 97-98, have low hp, and they drop many moonlights.

    It is better if you post this on your native language so that we can use some translator because sorry to say but is really hard understand it.

    he is asking if its possible to drop a 105+ lvl armor with rarity stat.

    and saying Titanium Dioxide drop is so low.

    and asking where he can drop the upgrade material to up that armor to +9.

    The title of the thread is misleading, is not what you are asking. Regardless, no we do not allow it.

    lets remove this 'you cant enter a dungeon with more than one char'

    its not like we have 1000 high level players in server. there are just a few people and we depend on them if they want to come with us or not...


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    its not a positive ending discussion, we will just lose time, look at the first message i wrote (advicing&helping you sincerely, with kind words) and look at the point we arrived (speaking about a player's past acts, making fun of him, accusing to tell lies). you can check hotblonde's PMs for last few days. the guy was 70-72, or max 74 level warrior.

    steam server has no advantage at all, thats why people dont use it and play like before, and they opened a new server -speaking for my country- and its full 6 channels of players. okay lets not speak about other servers, but if the steam move was a bad move, if other servers are not crowded as few years ago, are we happy about it? is this your success criterion?

    'selfish', 'arrogant', 'greedy' , 'hidden agenda'. always been nice words that you guys and some players hide behind. impossible to argue after you call us that things.

    you talk about history. calling me scammer. very nice, a player wants to help for the server's sake and we see what returns from the admin. its a problem to tag players like 'this was a scammer' , this was a real money trader' , ' this is a flamer'. it affects your judgement. and you didnt understand me when i named these players, i didnt mean they say something and you do it, no, i say they agree whatever update comes and that makes you think the update is fine. we congrats you too, when you do good things. but check the rest of community what they think? what are their advices?

    i see everyday somebody complaining about ks on chat. forget them, i know myself and my friends when we started this server, because there was no hacks,bots,ksers. you tell me nobody complains, and i tell you i saw already a guy quitted just because of that.

    statistics? i guess we should be happy because our server breaks records everyday, we will need to apply for Guinness World Records

    'gf servers are dead'. when you say it how can we believe your other words? do you even see blue map1 at anytime of day/night? shopboxes+20 players maybe.

    problem is you manage the server as you want. dont take it personal, when one guy commands a community without listening them, will be a bad situation.

    you listen to these few weird players that likes everything, and attacks on us whenever we suggest something. i mean vyenna,yay,meyana.

    you should ask your players if they are happy about last rules. they make farm chars, you say they cant use it on events. they prepare chars for a dungeon, you say they cant do it alone. well, it shouldnt be your concern how they wanna play. you shouldnt set rules just because you think its right way.

    think again what do you offer to a new player. why should they start there. make first lvl easy yes, but what they do on mid levels? whats different here than other servers, except the strange rules?

    and why dont we have a ks rule? one player pmed me last week, he was around 70-72 lvl, asked about this. i told him ks is now free, can ks to anybody. he said, "i started this server because there was fair play, no ksers" and he quits the game. so one way you want this server to be different, other way you make it become a gf server. i dont understand this.

    just remember 2014-2015 of this server. just do it. how was the towns? and log ch1 now. but we are not dead yet, make sg great again.

    A new item that Alchemist will sell, the Pro DSS Destroyer, will cost 50kk gold and will remove for example your red DSS with 90% chance.

    i dont want to mislead you about what class to play, play with your favorite class or play with one you find interesting and want to discover more, but i can tell you smth about moonlight. dont make any char for v3 because you wont get good loot here. moon drop chance now depends on monsters' level, not the (level).

    for example a spider at v3, it was lvl 74 (lvl4), it was dropping nice moons because it was lvl(4), but it doesnt drop nice now bcs its lvl74.

    for example a lemur in the dark dragon map, its lvl 98(lvl1), it wasnt dropping nice moons bcs it was (lvl1), but it drops very nice now bcs its lvl98.

    so the moon drop update effected it that way, if you go kill Lemures at event with your 80 lvl you will make much money.