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  • 100pcentTSK

    gm where is my reward for hunter ranking?

  • 100pcentTSK


  • L0lu

    Ye, I saw some1 was doing that 2 weeks ago. Mfer knows how to take care of the competitors. Reminds me of the old days when boss summs were used to clear the shops out of the safe zone :D

  • 100pcentTSK

    btw guys be careful with F11 there is a guy named MrDibla he puts everything for 0 gold and 7 won and his items are shown on the top of the list.

  • 100pcentTSK

    reset hunter ranking?

  • BellaHana

    That is here to stay sadly

  • bodmar

    Please fix random client crash and dc!

  • Pingu

    :)) <3

  • PaliPali

    You're a few million years ahead of us...

  • EmyEmy

    Happy new year 20200000!

  • Degmond

    Poly w hermit is not the same as SB w hermit, has lower chance .

  • L0lu

    Wut, is raising poly from m9 to m10 bugged or smthing? I literally failed 3 times doing this shit, so I don't know if using hermit again is a good thing :D

  • EmyEmy


  • SiiiXxHD

    Oh Shit..i am old..year 2200 😂😜

  • EmyEmy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2200 EVERYONE YEAHHH 8) :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: LOVE U ALL

  • jureczek


  • jureczek

    2020 FOR METIN2 SG

  • Pingu

    Happy new year metin2 SG <3

  • PaliPali

    :rocketlauncher: :rocketlauncher: happy new year :sniper: :sniper:

  • BellaHana

    Happy new year!

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    I'm buying :

    Mortal Plate Armor +9
    with ~ Mystic ~ rarity level (Pref. 8% Restore HP , but 8% AVG Res it's good too)
    The Ads are not that important .
    With SS : Defense +6 (Must have) and Haste +6

    Leave comment or PM me , here or ingame (online mostly on late night) with all the description of the item you have.

    Nick : Dracori

    Hope everyone have a good game :)

    My only intention in suggesting, was rightly attract new players
    As I said, the new stones were going to be something unique to this server
    I never thought they would "kill" other stones '~' or just be soo useless , they would only be varieties . I'm sorry and thank you for opening my mind in that direction

    I did not give details intentionally, I wanted to leave this to the developers

    About "only benefict melee class" . The magical players already have a Magical Attack stone. The Melee ones could be weaker , no prob

    About the Dispel one . I regret having suggested , it was really disrespectful to Suras


    But look , you gave suggestions too :D why not add the ones you mentioned ?

    To the guys talking about the pages:
    Why don't you make a thread ??
    I don't understand why post a suggestion in another... I think you guys will be more seen creating a own thread
    And yes , I do agree with that too

    To @Hebbii
    All off then can be put on PVP too . The Dispel one is the only PVP exclusive

    To @KouritoC
    Adding new stones will not make everyone stop puting the Crit-Mob-Pent combination , it will only give more options to weapons , now everybody feels like this combination is the only one to make (since the game was born) ... Open your mind to new ideas and combinations dude ;D

    To @Ketina
    Why did you stop whatever you're doing just to discord everything said in this post ? not just mine idea , but the others too . And where are yours arguments?
    I don't think you are a GM to say "No" and it's done , because even then give explanations

    Hi everybody ^^

    I have a sugestion to make this server more unique

    What about add new drops of stones ?

    Here are my 6 ideas for stones to put on weapons =

    • Stone of Poison (adding chance of poison)
    • Stone of Attack (adding attack value)
    • Stone of Speed (adding attack speed)
    • Stone of Stun (adding chance of stun)
    • Stone of Dispel (adding chance of Dispel [PVP])
    • Stone of Flame (adding Lasting Fire damage)

    Hope you guys (players and Adm) like , and leave yours ideas too ^^/

    Have a gg and a great Halloween :D

    This discussion is over for me
    I just think that you guys, developers and administrators, have so many ideas for new players, but are keen to create a peaceful environment for the players who have some experience.

    I do not want to be answered

    I wish a good game and a good weekend all players

    Still making no sence , even with all that explanation
    The Free mode is a >PVP< , that means you can attack other players without their consent . if you kill me on Free mode that's totally ok, you win , congrats

    But using this mode to Kill Steal other players farming , you are using to take the loot of someone that is there just to farm >PVM< ... you're telling me that this is acceptable ?

    Hi everybody ^^
    I have a simple question to make today , hope I've got responded by a GM or something
    Here it is :

    "Why the anti ks rule is canceled when the player is in Free mode ?"

    I mean , loosing rank points is not enough , a player simply go wherever he wants and end the joy of outher

    As I said , I wanted to be answered by a GM , but tell me the opinions of you players

    you thing this rule is being well spent ?

    Hope all of you have a gg ;D