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    I'm buying :

    Mortal Plate Armor +9
    with ~ Mystic ~ rarity level (Pref. 8% Restore HP , but 8% AVG Res it's good too)
    The Ads are not that important .
    With SS : Defense +6 (Must have) and Haste +6

    Leave comment or PM me , here or ingame (online mostly on late night) with all the description of the item you have.

    Nick : Dracori

    Hope everyone have a good game :)

    My only intention in suggesting, was rightly attract new players
    As I said, the new stones were going to be something unique to this server
    I never thought they would "kill" other stones '~' or just be soo useless , they would only be varieties . I'm sorry and thank you for opening my mind in that direction

    I did not give details intentionally, I wanted to leave this to the developers

    About "only benefict melee class" . The magical players already have a Magical Attack stone. The Melee ones could be weaker , no prob

    About the Dispel one . I regret having suggested , it was really disrespectful to Suras


    But look , you gave suggestions too :D why not add the ones you mentioned ?

    To the guys talking about the pages:
    Why don't you make a thread ??
    I don't understand why post a suggestion in another... I think you guys will be more seen creating a own thread
    And yes , I do agree with that too

    To @Hebbii
    All off then can be put on PVP too . The Dispel one is the only PVP exclusive

    To @KouritoC
    Adding new stones will not make everyone stop puting the Crit-Mob-Pent combination , it will only give more options to weapons , now everybody feels like this combination is the only one to make (since the game was born) ... Open your mind to new ideas and combinations dude ;D

    To @Ketina
    Why did you stop whatever you're doing just to discord everything said in this post ? not just mine idea , but the others too . And where are yours arguments?
    I don't think you are a GM to say "No" and it's done , because even then give explanations

    Hi everybody ^^

    I have a sugestion to make this server more unique

    What about add new drops of stones ?

    Here are my 6 ideas for stones to put on weapons =

    • Stone of Poison (adding chance of poison)
    • Stone of Attack (adding attack value)
    • Stone of Speed (adding attack speed)
    • Stone of Stun (adding chance of stun)
    • Stone of Dispel (adding chance of Dispel [PVP])
    • Stone of Flame (adding Lasting Fire damage)

    Hope you guys (players and Adm) like , and leave yours ideas too ^^/

    Have a gg and a great Halloween :D

    This discussion is over for me
    I just think that you guys, developers and administrators, have so many ideas for new players, but are keen to create a peaceful environment for the players who have some experience.

    I do not want to be answered

    I wish a good game and a good weekend all players

    Still making no sence , even with all that explanation
    The Free mode is a >PVP< , that means you can attack other players without their consent . if you kill me on Free mode that's totally ok, you win , congrats

    But using this mode to Kill Steal other players farming , you are using to take the loot of someone that is there just to farm >PVM< ... you're telling me that this is acceptable ?

    Hi everybody ^^
    I have a simple question to make today , hope I've got responded by a GM or something
    Here it is :

    "Why the anti ks rule is canceled when the player is in Free mode ?"

    I mean , loosing rank points is not enough , a player simply go wherever he wants and end the joy of outher

    As I said , I wanted to be answered by a GM , but tell me the opinions of you players

    you thing this rule is being well spent ?

    Hope all of you have a gg ;D