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    btw guys @Darkbllad3r if anyone wants Spirit Blessings at 350kk :P

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    why the ox started earlier than it was written here?

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    suggestion: event for chinese new year

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    any event for chinese new year?

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    who i insulted name me one person? When i started here on sg 2011 oktober we had less kicks freezes dcs. So yes i blame the client who cause those problems we have more content which means also there could be more possible bugs. But again who i insulted=?

    dont talk like that to me i dont lie when orc maze was opened i did it solo and even there i go dc its a fact. It just logical windows 10 is new and if i remember well u had issues dunno if they all fixed but win7 is older it should run better on this even when u downloading it recommended win7 aswell. I hear 1 time that metin runs better at win 10 then 7

    forget me

    i stopped doing those runs for almost a half year and i dont sell it on the market i have chars and i use them on my accs all the stuff from there i use for myself i am diffrent the most of the people in this server. If i want to realxe i decide what i want to play so dont tell what i have to do to relax. Every onre trys to get an item and sell it for more if its possible not even germans so stop mention them only. I play here over 4 years i can tell u things about so dont count one country all doing that.

    How it came that every time that if smth is about solo players written the first thing i readed were u said we are greedy. My memomry works good cuz u have a problem with those kind of players

    oh come on windows 7 is older win 10 is new and u recommned it where is the logic? How is it possible that ur game runs better at 10 then under win7?

    Windows 10 eat more of ur space also more ram

    my pc is op for metin2 tbh

    btw i have win 7 premium 64bit servie pack1

    Bacl to topic:

    When the orc maze was published i was one of the first guys who made alot runs and guess what even with 1 acc i got dc at that time i had no mage so i did alone with 1 client same result.


    u cant count all people together i said my reasons why i do mostly things alone. But for shadow we all greedy moneymakers u have to seperate. I have no time to be greedy i just come home and want to relax. The last thing i want to do is to waste my time by asking why should i? I have the ability to do it alone and i want do smth now i dont need to wait. i can enjoy and can decide to do another run or not. That has nothing to do with been greedy my timeshedule didnt give me the space.

    But for shadow all solo players are greedy.....when i had time i did runs with other people aswell but i have not the time now and then u hear i dont care its ur problem bla bla. Where is there respect about that?

    hey nick21,

    it was once possible when it was implemented u could do it with 1 acc now its forbidden and even not possible

    So shadow u talk about respect bla bla

    An example:

    A guy from argentinia is playing has nice equip and would try orc maze. He ask around if anyone would join with him no answer. Ok that guy thought i try tomorrow again. He ask again no answer, People from europe sleep americans asian tbh there a not much people from those country. So how this guy can enjoy when he get dc and get the same pointless reply from you as i had 2days ago.
    Take a look from the other side for u all solo players are in general greedy people...this is wrong as i told u we have life we work but u dont care bla u dont even give this poor guy a chance...If i would talk to my customers like ur support does i would be fired.

    Hello Comunity

    First of all 2 days ago i made an orc maze run with buffer and farmer char i was killing last boss and when i fisihed him both of my accs got instant kick. So i send a ticket:

    This is the whole conversations no cut offs

    the reply from support:


    we do not refund solo runners, next time go with a group so that if you disconnect someone else can pick up the drop.


    My answer:


    I expected more then this lame answer. What would happen if all

    members get dc how u argue then? I got almost everday kicks, freeze

    when teleport to mage or otherway and so on. I could make everday an

    support ticket. Its not my fault get this stupid client working once

    for all this shit is not new and still everday happened.

    Also what is this new stupid metin hit bug. U hit once a metin and ur

    char stops u need to press again then he continue and yes i have set

    the option on auto attack.




    you are now suspended for 1 day for your vulgar language. You may learn

    that we are not pals and you shall not talk to us like this.

    The next time it will be 1 month.



    this will go in public and i will talk with an other gm. Am i a pal

    for u? There is no vulgar language indeed. Just a customer who

    expected more. Some people have life go working and have less time to

    play some people live in diffrent timezones its not easy to get a

    group, so ofc u need do things alone. But its ok you overreact with

    this and next will be 1 month for what? I didnt attack u personel but

    i am also tiered that this client crashs over and over.


    You can also keep a press conference and discuss with my boss, it won't

    change the decision. It doesn't matter if you have working shifts, your

    net or computer is not good enough or suited up at best, for metin2

    using 2 clients. You lag and disconnect because you use two clients.

    With 1 you would have less problems. If you don't want to do use one,

    that's entirely up to you but it doesn't give you the right to be rude

    or to use this kind of attitude with us. We are not pals, we are not

    friends, we respect you and demand the same respect back.

    If the client crash there is a crash report, press the button SEND so we

    can see what caused it.


    At this conversation he failed to be funny

    and now the last thing which i typed some mins ago

    Here we go my computer
    i5 3570K 3,40GHz 8GiG Ram
    54mbit w-lan
    i can play ego shooters even with my w-lan and have no problems and if i get kick i see that my net program pops up and try to relog. Sometimes i have this in sg too then i say ok it was my fault but 2 days ago when i did the maze run no message pops up and when i get those dc, freezes there was never a pop up it happens rarely that i loose connection to ur server so tell me again how my rig cant handle a 10+ years old game? Its defenitely not my fault if it was i would notice it that night but nothing i got instant kick. The crash report was useless at this point i checked there was nothing about it also about this error i opened maybe 2 years ago ticket. If i would get information for u dont worry i would copy paste it in our conversation.
    Now back to the suspension:
    I dont care of the 1 day suspend. But tbh u overreact no hard feelings...where i used vulgaur language? If i said shit thats vulgar? really we both no there could be used some stronger words and for that u suspend me and the funny part is u want suspend me if i continue for 1 month for what cuz i used the word "shit" u have to kidding me really. Thats not the way u should talk with ur customer. I never attacked u personal. Still wait for my aswered questions

    what the comunity thing was i vulgar like the support said.? Oh and he dont even answered my question.

    Type me here ur opinion maybe u had same situations/feelings whatever but stay on topic

    My personal opinion he overreacted and took it personal. Also i will discuss with an nother gm.


    AraH aka Robotnik

    Hello Guys and Tec-Team

    i wish all a good start in 2k16 :this: ty for the support during 2015 and see u all in the next year :dance: :thumbsup:

    cheers :vain: