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  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

  • xCesarz

    Hexagonal time drop? 19-24?

  • Hiumi

    Then? What will happen?

  • [GA]Shadow

    They won't

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow will odins and other tp rings be transfered from s2 to s1?

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I agree

  • [GA]Shadow

    Maybe one day a light bulb would pop up and a solution may be found, but i am not going to waste precious days or weeks over some colors. There are better updates to do with this time.

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I forgot about that part.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Books are already ordered based on class and skill id inside your extra anyway

  • [GA]Shadow

    I should create 50 books, assign 50 drops to every metin, code that only 1 book should drop among these 50. Too much of a fuss for some colors sorry.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Tome are a separate item, books is one item, to which the game assign a name based on one of the skills in the game

  • [GA]Shadow

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow what about replacing all books in the game with their corresponding tome version? they are already coloured. not necessary but just an ideea

  • [GA]Shadow

    No what you meant was that books color had nothing to do, and that this month patches were responsable for the bug, which was wrong, the bug had been on live server since 6 months

  • deathpool

    it's a pity books with colors cannot be maintaned, although I guess is not really a problem with the improved shop system search

  • deathpool

    what I mean shadow is that problem with the moons was not something general. You said yourself, that player has that problem because he has a specific number of books

  • Lovia

    stone of vita +6 cant search in polish lang pack. plz fix ;)

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    My post wasn't directed towards you.

    I just pointed out few episodes in which things escalated that I had witnessed.

    You are actually one of the most polite person i've met here, because even though we stopped talking and started to pvp against each other (if a healer undergeared like mine who only played support during ride can even say to do "pvp") I never saw you trashing on me or harrassing me in any way, and for that I've always admired you. I can also name another guy, DonJohn who even though our teams were up against he was actually helpful for questions about my gameplay or items and suggestions.

    Same goes to Radu and most HowHigh members who I initially had rough times with I discovered to be really cool people.

    We all have our own unique personalities, our good sides and our very bad sides but we have to manage to make it together, just like a big family would.

    After all WE ARE METIN2 SINGAPORE, we are one big ship, none of us should let any other one be left drowning.

    We need to play the game casually or competitively but ALWAYS keeping in mind that the respect of one another is the most important thing to be able to grow both as a community and also as single human beings ourselfs.

    If you take side with lacex and 25cm, you are clearly out of this circle and you aren't just spectating.

    To put AlmightyPush or anyone else in the same bowl with 25cm or lacex, it's just crazy, because you clearly haven't joined too many raids or spontaneous events from which you could gather some relevant opinion.

    First of all, i know AlmightyPush for some years, more exactly i know him since i started to play on this server and he never, not even once, talked about real life in pvp, he never insulted someone's family or talked about someone's family, he never threatened anyone due to ingame fights and he never harmed anyone in any way other than ingame pvp.

    You'd have noticed Push's bad attitude if you ever happened to be on his way.

    So if anything, AlmightyPush behaved just as bad as 25 did. Just like the rest of us did.

    To me, Push's comments about somebody's leaked photos or 9 to 5 job or real-life wealth are just as gross as using somebody's face as a profile picture on an online forum and throw shade on it.

    I think that first of all, we all need to search our hearts because WE ALL are just as guilty as 25.

    We all at some point in our gameplay threw **** or made snide comments about someone else.

    I'm not speaking from the outside, I know what I'm talking about.

    I recall chiye being harrassed for his weight during pvp, same with maria's nationality, radu's looks and even lullaby's private pictures. EVERYBODY had their opinions voiced pretty much out loud in a context where online gaming was taken to an all other level.

    I personally threw **** about a girl who in-game is a gold digger. I should have just minded my own business, just like everybody else should. And I have yet to aplogize to that person.

    The hate that we all see today has got its roots years ago, when people were allowed to **** on eachother without limits, and it continued spreading like a virus involving people that at first were not directly connected but that decided to pick sides and made its way to this days, pheraps even in a even worst form.

    I feel like this has come to a broken point, and a change has to be made.

    I'd like to suggest some group therapy just like in the movie MEAN GIRLS.

    Otherwise another day, another slay. Who's next?

    3 years since I began playing SG and I've witnessed some crazy shit.

    People shaming eachother with comments based on gender, sexuality, age, weight, looks, nationality and in-real wealth.

    Never an action was taken.

    This always had me shook because having played lots of different MMORPGs

    such thing was - in no way - tolerated the same way as it was here.

    I don't know exactly what happened but I do know that there needs to be a change of attitude of most of the people of this community.

    I believe that we are all just as guilty and we all have our own share of sins, present and past.

    It's ok to criticize someone's gameplay, but that's just how far as it should go.

    After all, if you are succesfully living your life, you shouldn't have time to question mine. [cit.]

    This is all about the tunic.

    First of all it's your friend Alpha who posted here first, although it got deleted yes but he still did it first.

    Let it slide i said i bought it for a friend, i didn't want to say i bought it for me.
    The source of the problem is YOU selling the item for a lower amount that you wanted to. I just clicked BUY.
    Everything else is the gigantic machine you created to put shame on people.


    you had already set the tunic for 555KK before introducing the poison in your store. I even asked my guild if it was worth this much and they all said no, that it wasnt a big deal. So when i bought it i bought it thinking it was correctly priced. the second time you opened the store, i bought your tunic.

    What lies, threatning, drama, people involved are you talking about?
    My only mistake was saying i bought it for clarice because I didn't want to say i bought it myself.
    Never expected YOU to take it to this level.

    All the people that you say are involved are people involved by you, you complained about that and people started drama to help feeding your cause.
    If anyone close to me pm'ed you, i ve got no control over that.
    I asked pc to many people and to the question "who sold it this cheap?" I said you.

    All this is about you mistakely selling a tunic for apparently a lower value and complaining to people to reach your goal.

    This is the last and first post i'll ever write.
    I did nothing but buy a cheap item off the market. everything else was made by you.


    Don't talk about my personal life, u don't know me, never will. You made a mistake, get over it.


    Hello there, my in-game name is Lambdadelta but many people knew me as Bilqis.
    Few days ago I bought a BT+9 5% skill damage relatevely cheap. Only 500KK because the seller mistake the price.

    I was asked to give it back and i refused, saying I bought it for a friend. I don't really know why I said that, I felt bad for the seller for mistaking the price but I also wanted to sorta keep it so, since I'm a little naive i named a really good friend of mine thinking that it'd just end like that. But it didn't.

    I won't name anybody because I don't want this thread ot end up in flames but this is how the things are:

    I bought the black tunic+9 5% skill damage for 500KK because the seller mistaked the price.
    I was asked to give it back, and i refused saying i bought it for a friend because i felt bad for saying a crystal clear "no".
    I apologize to Clarice for involving her because of my naive attitude.

    Many times people mistake the price of an item in the shop, but i've never seen things go this far because of a game.