Low/mid level PvP and Player population

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  • Hello together,

    last week i started from new on this server. I was playing and enjoying here for a long time back in the days (around 4 years ago i stopped). I leveled 35/40 and i had a plan to make a low / mid level PVP char (~ lv 64) but i didn't see the sense because it seems to be like this situation for me.

    I am not sure about the population and how many low / mid level player (up to level 80) are there activly playing. It seems like most of the people are high end people (lv 90+) and lots are at 120 with "overpowered" (in the sense of having better possiblities for pvp eq than lv 60) and specialized EQ for pvp. If there are no low and mid level people around it wouldn't even make sense for me to invest the effort and time because i could just go high level too directly. I love playing in lower level and enjoy when i am strong enaugh to bash lots of high level people. But in general my observation and feeling is that there are just no "new"/low-/mid-level people playing here. Is my picture right?

    I read an post from Oct. 22 where the staff answered that population is "stable". I wonder what it means... There are shops on mass so seems like there are at least some people reopening their shops and playing somehow (even if kind of passive). But i am really asking the effort question for making a very good low level PVP character. Are there even people i can duell, kill , have some pvp fun? Or will i just be disappointed in the end by skilling 200 - 1000 damage on all players because everyone is obviously higher and have lots of high level advantages....

    Thanks for your opinion. It might help me to join the server again because after leveling to 35 i didn't even logged in to read my skill books because of frustration...


  • No, don't even think for a second about the possibility of low lvl pvp. No one is interested in it, everyone just farms and maybe at high level they buy pvp items too cause they dont have anything to do with the money, other than this.

    You can read skill books every 3 hours now, money are easily made and you can buy hermits and even exos.