Road to High-LvL / Steps to take

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  • Dear SG-Community,

    I just recently (like three days ago) have started on the server and followed a few guides since then, but haven't stumbled upon something like " do ... util lvl ... then build at least EQ like ... then proceed to lvl ... and do ...." . Coming from an oldschool background I'm not afraid to grind my stuff, but I'm somehow overwhelmed by the possibilities, the individualities of the server and diffferent systems. Is there alreay a thread that I haven't found yet, or may someone give me some sort of path that's reasonable? I'd be very thankful!



  • hi. for sure there are some guides on the forum.

    u started playing this game few days ago, or this is your first time on this server ?

    ReSouvlaki is my char name. feel free to pm me with whatever you need if u see me online.