Server state, how far apart from GF?

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  • Hello, guys

    I would kindly like to ask how's the server doing in terms of population,

    How far apart from gamefroge server is it? Like Itemshop, element resistance is there alchemy? If so is it the only way to make money?

    How much Item shop will you need to be 'strong at'? (I come from a GF server so yes in there item shop is pretty much mandatory)

    Is there Aura cloths? (Item that you can use to have shieldand neck bonuses in it like the shoulder Shash).

    Is there a good amount of new players?

    Any thing that I should know before starting?

    Thanks in advance!


    Can you do the content as a mental warrior, or is meta (sura and aos warrior)?

  • Hey i'll keep my answers short, if you want more detailed answers just shoot.

    How far we are apart from the GF servers, i dont know as i didnt have it installed for years, though what i can tell you is that you'll find significantly less bots here, if any haha.

    Itemshop here isn't mandatory atall. It gives you a bit Mob/Hp so yes it will help a bit but you can do the entire content without it and even get Itemshop currency from events or some bosses (even though the later is relatively rare)

    Elemental Resistance + Talisman exists, but it is mostly PvP. It is reduced to 25% effectiveness in PvM as we prefer not to have people run around with lv 30 Equip in Hell Run and Heaven's Lair.

    Alchemy also exists, it certainly is a good way to make money if you do it smart but there is plenty other ways to make money. We also plan to add Zodiac Content to the game as our next big update which will naturally add more ways to make money, though we will not add it the same way as GF, it will not be a run accessible for level 20+

    Currently we do not have the Aura system. It may come in the future at some point, but as for now we do not have it.

    Playercount is pretty stable though naturally summer is not exactly the season for gaming. The playercount should increase in autumn again, especially with the upcoming Zodiac Content Update and Anniversary / Halloween Events typically also draw in players again.

  • That answers a lot! Thanks!

    So a normal PVM set will be hp, arrows, crit, and not much more right? As in 2010 game play?

    As for my later question, is metal warrior viable? Let's say can a lv 35 mental do a orc maze run and still be efficient?

    Thanks a lot!

  • We added a Mob bonus to Mental warrior so they should be able to do all contents, however it is natural that Weapon Suras and Body Warriors can do it better as they are designed to do so.

    Dragon Mages are also a pretty viable PvM choice due to their S Skill "Self Buff" crit damage increase, however in the endgame body warriors will certainly outdamage them.

    As for the PvM Gear, it depends.

    Early game that will probably be enough, though later on most ranged monsters will deal magic damage so you will also need Magic & Skill res.

    Avg Res is also a thing here so that generally helps for a lot of monsters.

  • Will give it a shot after looking at the market, is channel 1 blue the main shopping area or there is a market map like gamefroge?

    Edit* Also can we get coins with paypal?

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  • All shops automatically get opened in all 4 Channels on all 3 Map1 Cities so there is no main market Area per definition. You can open your shop from anywhere and it will automatically place it for you on the City maps.

    As for the Paypal question, you need to be registred for 3 Days and reach level 35 atleast, you will get PayPal unlocked after that.