[SUG] Can We Get Red Nation Back?

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  • Greetings,

    I have been out of Metin2.sg for a while and I wanted to switch back to Red Nation from Blue Nation, only to find out Red Nation has been deleted. Red Nation has been my favorite and most nostalgic map where I made my very first character, met all my past friends, did quests, etc. I know it better than any other map. I know I'm just one small person in a sea of "don't give a fucks", but I REALLY want to see Red Nation come back. Having three nation war each other has been a major part that has defined Metin2 from other MMO's. I don't care if it's the "weakest" nation. It's the best nation in my opinion.

  • Hey there,

    we removed the Red nation years ago as it always had the least players.

    The game works better with 2 Nations only as Blue always gets like 60-70% of the players and the other 30-40% of the players split into 2 kingdoms, which not only doesnt look very inviting but also has the added issue that it would make a nation wars basically impossible.

    You can talk to Heuk-Young in case you want to change from Blue Kingdom to yellows, she will help you out for free.

    As for the Red Kingdom we currently do not plan to reinstate it.