[Feature] Hybrid Items System

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  • Being an old server, SG has a limited ability in making items update viable. Old players have acquired the ability to farm better and faster, thus completing any challenge very fast while new players have no chance in finding a decent way to keep playing and improving.

    The Hybrid Items System is designed to give everyone above lv 35 a reason to play. It uses for upgrade a large amount of materials. It will free the market from Enhance Change Scrolls and Change Rare Scrolls. It will make metin farming viable (for vitality and rarity ores). Ice and Hell runs will be on high demand for the Meley tickets.

    The Hybrid items will come as reward from the Battle Pass, each month one item. Alternatively, the Battle Pass reward can be a set of 5 items that will craft at the Master NPC the Hybrid Items.

    Being Hybrid, the items can be used for PvP as well, filling the lack of fighting. The only downside is the bonus system, that gives to certain stats an upper edge in pvm than pvp stats. It can partially be solved by integrating pvm stats into the basic stats of the armour and let players decide the stats for necklace, earrings and shoes that they want to use.