Nice scam STAFF

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  • 1 year ago, the sg team blocked my accounts because I asked for 20 euros back, and they gave me my money back, bravo, nothing to say so far.

    I recently donated 200 euros, and I wanted the money back because I was not satisfied with the products, it's my right. But guess what a scam the SG team did, this time, they banned all my accounts, and they refused to give me my money back.

    You gave 20 euros back to him and blocked his accounts, for 200 euros you also blocked the accounts and you don't want to give him back the money, you are violating your own rules + paypal rules. I'm going to go ahead with paypal for this thing, because I can't stand these scams anymore. :banned:

    If you still didn't want to give me my money back, at least don't block smart accounts. See you in an instant.

    Here you say that I received banned, for paypal refund, I have nothing against that I received banned, but the phase is ... that you gave me banned without returning my money, and you that I specified there that I received banned for refund ... but..what refund?

    And here you tell me that refund, it is not possible that I spent my time in the game, but last year when I played 2 days, and then you gave me money because I asked for a refund, and you gave me the money back, now Can't you? Did you suddenly change the rules? anyway we hear each other on paypal or even in court, because I'm the village of crap like that.

  • Hey there,

    first of all the refund on purchasing tec points are at our discretion and one of the condition is that the points should not have been spent.

    I checked why we granted the refund of your previous payment of 20 euro. If you recall you told us that you couldn't pay your electricity bill or whatsoever, the tec points you purchased were spent only on cosmetics for your character, so well, we are humans and we granted you this refund cause no harm was done.

    This time you spent your tec points on odins, and traded them. You cannot expect that we ban your accounts and apply a refund.

    Your accounts are banned until the claim is opened. If you close the claim you can continue to play, if not, we escalate and let paypal decide.

    Simple as that, good day and thread closed.