max attack speed=160 in SGserver?

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  • 1. it's said that max attackspeed=160 here, more attackspeed will give dmg bonus?

    my attackspeed is 249 but i find no dmg bonus,

    2. max movspeed=? my movspeed=265, when i wear mall windshoes , never quicker than before, is there max movspeed here?

    3. block physical = arrow resistence? will block phy affact arrow resis?

    4. leadership system really work? i have got leadership G6

    basic attack value attacker+68, but there's no bonus in bonuspage

    what is attack speed berserker+5 no bonus in bonuspage

    what is production duration blocker +49 no bonus in bonuspage

    what is maxhp close combat fighter 1470, no bonus in bonuspage

    sorry for my quesitons, i'm really interested about metin2:) :saint:

  • Some bonus have caps.

    Attack speed cap is 230. Mov Speed cap is 250 on foot and a bit more on mount.

    Due to the limitation of the game, attack speed animation cap between 156 and 180, depending on which character you use, hence I turned the exceed speed into damage. 230 is the cap of said damage.

    Dodge arrow is the bonus to block arrow, normal block has no use against ranged attacks.

    Leadership works, but some of the bonus are unlocked at higher skill levels. The tooltip will still show you the amount of bonus, but it can't show you which skills you unlocked. However since you have G6 you almost have unlocked all of them. You probably ignore how it works.

    The player who has leadership must create a party, then click on the red symbol near the party's member name and change to different symbols, each one provide one of the bonus, such as the MAX HP you were talking about.

  • 1. thank you very much for your explanation,i try my mage char and find leadership really works:) i select attacker in the party red symbol and find members pannel attack+68, is it really work attack +68 ?

    so u said G6 is a waste, can u tell us what lvl is the cap?

    2. 230 is the cap of said damage, my worrior attackspeed=249(with berserk skill),

    is it a waste between 230-249:) thank you shadow.

    3. i last saw you in dragon valley at 2015, and u said welcome to sg server to me . then i afk for about 7 years, glad to see u again shadow.

  • If you add 68 attack to the party member, his attack raise by 68.

    I didn't say G6 is a waste, i said that G6 unlocks most of the bonus but not all. For example at P your attack will be 85 instead of 68 and you can add another attack bonus to another party member.

    Anything above 230 attack speed doesn't do anything to your character.

  • thanks a lot, i know how leadership works now.

    i suggest that the leadership bonus also works for party leader,

    my worrior leadership is G6, but it doesn't give any bonus to himself:)

    i collect all the items +attackspeed to my worrior to 249now, but it's a waste for 230-249, it's a pity for all worrior players in sgserver:)

  • Leadership is the ability to lead other party members so that they can be more efficent. So no it won't benefict the leader of the party, you can't self boost yourself with your own leadership ability.

    As for the attack speed, slow chance reduce by 30% the attack speed, so 250 attack speed is not enough if you are slowed and so there is no waste.