will 120lvl mage buff affact my drop rate?

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  • 1. i 'm 80lvl sura and farm 85lvl metin now, if i levelup my mage to 120, will the buff affact my droprate down?

    as you know mage will get some items when metin is broken.

    2. i have heard that it will need 30k-35k critical dmg for boss farm. i have bought all skins in mall but now i just get 1.5k dmg,

    how can i get 30k dmg?

    3. what is the skin under the pet? in my inventory2 there are skins from mall, but i cannot find skin name at the bottom of inventory. thank u very much. :)

  • 1.no. u can creat 1 lvl char to farm 5lvl metin with 60lvl mage buff, u can still get all items from metin.

    2.only mage can get 30k dmg because mage and assain have 35% bonus in pvm

    3.i don't know. the botom of inventoryII have a foot picture, but u cannot find any skin in mall to fix it.