[PATCH NOTES] 02/01/2022

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  • Dear Players,

    hereby the list of changes of today's patch notes:

    • Horse quests from level 1-10 will not fail anymore
    • Items obtained by opening box auto-stack on extra inventory as well now
    • Several items that belonged to the extra inventory categories now are moved accordingly
    • Time Elixirs and Spirit Stone Scroll now stacks
    • Altered the drops of Beta Metins and Enchanted Forest metins.
    • Enchanted Forest mobs are nerfed in damage now
    • Level 70 weapons are now npcable
    • Spirit Stones +3 and +4 and polymorph book have better values at the NPC
    • Liquids are now crafted always with the max bonus possible. 1 and 2 minutes liquids are removed. To balance, the costs of herb is 2,5x higher.
    • Crafted liquid auto stack on creation if they have the same duration
    • Removed the "I want to train" passcode to read soul stones
    • You can now use return scrolls to New Red Wood map
    • Seon-Pyeong was moved in both Town1 Maps
    • Fixed a glitch with the offline shop system

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team