General Suggestions + PvM Item Suggestions

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  • Hello everyone,

    After exploring most of the last update, and experiencing how the market/general gameplay sort of changed, I came up with a few ideas for the server.

    The goal with these ideas, was to create content without the need of a "major" update - basically adding new maps/dungeons - while still giving players something new to do.

    1) "Four Realms Helm":

    So this was an idea I already had before the update, and it was strengthened with a consequence of the update, the reduction of lvl 60 stones on temple. (Basically, getting 5/5 or 5/3 helms became more difficult after the change, this is the "consequence").
    Since the change to lvl 100 Helms only applying damage to PvP (I think it was a bug they applied dmg to PvE in the first place), everyone started using lvl 60 helms for all PvE content. This was a bit of a bummer, not necessarily due to not having those % of extra damage but, because it was another item a PvE only player didn't have to upgrade/invest in.

    So, what is the "Four Realms Helm"? My suggestion would be adding a new helm using the "image" of Helm of Champions (no one uses that, lets be honest). This help would be crafted through the drop of 4 different parts + some gold and other stuff. These parts would drop from existing dungeons. One from Melley, one from Hydra/Ship defence, one from Ochao and one from Enchanted Forest dungeon (yeah, can't name of that one lol).

    Suggested Bonus: 10%/15% block + 1500 HP + 5% resist to monster dmg (or other only relevant PvE stat that isn't dmg)

    Suggested Level: 105

    2) Addition of two extra Bios:

    These bios would have both PvP and PvE options to choose from, and would be for lvl 105 and lvl 115. My idea for the first bio would be for the item to drops from monsters of Hell Run, Nemere and Hydra. For the lvl 115 bio I'd make the item drop from Enchanted Forest monsters.

    Lvl 105 bio rewards: choose from: x value of % crit dmg, y % value of resistance to crit dmg

    Lvl 115 bio rewards: choose from: x% value of elemental dmg (vs all), y % value of resistance to elemental dmg (to all), x % resistance to monsters dmg (as the first two are pvp focused only, I'd like for also PvE option)

    *3) Make lvl 105 PvM Weapons somehow:

    Why? Lvl 75 weapons have been around forever. Ideally this would come with Zodiac, but well, there is a reason I put a * before the 3. Enchanted Forest change (and change to drop %s) seems to have made it harder to drop good rarity lvl 75 weapons. While I do think this change is good, it came way too late. Players who join now will be at a significant disadvantage to acquire these weapons. I also have the feeling that high avg weapons drop less, at least judging by the market, but this is simply a "theory".

    Anyway, these are some of my ideas. I initially wanted to suggest introducing elemental vs to PvE, and making elemental resistances more important, but I was told this wouldn't happen. So, this was what I was left with.