let see if i get banned

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  • hello hello as after being on this server almost from the start with a few years away i have finally decided to connect and say something here about stuff

    as i have read some of the threads here and i find they are so self centered as i am a GA and i can ban anyone....

    well so what its just a game that people play and enjoy including myself so stop making a big deal of it

    as myself i have been around the game since it started way back in the US server day and even played with server and client files so i know how shit works

    so do what ya like with me and this thread as ban me if you want as will just prove power is corruptible


    :lol: :nono:

  • So, it is hard to understand what do you mean but i think you are talking about SG stuff and how self-centered they are. And you're doing this for a test like "let's see if they will ban me after writing this". :D

    My suggestion to you is not to take this game so seriously, as you said. Even if you open this topic in the forum and write 2-3 paragraphs, it contradicts what you wrote :D

  • I am sorry but you can't really claim to be on the server since the start.

    You login once every 6-12 months, trashtalk for an hour straight, get ignored by basically everyone who does not report you and then you leave because you get bored.

    The only reason you weren't banned for that bullshittery yet is because nobody would believe your nonsense to start with haha.

  • that is correct i get on from time to time stay for awhile and the reason is to see what sort of stuff has been happening as not everyone has to play 24/7

    i really dont care if i get ignored as i get comments as have to keep myself occupied as i am old 57 is my age

    the reason you havent banned me is that i have never said anything that is not with in your rules so if you think i am worried guess again

    so have a nice day.........................