A few questions

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  • Hello everybody,

    Just returned back to the game after 6 years after receiving that nice email reminding me that i have a Metin2SG acount;), I'm glad to be back.

    So i have a few questions:

    -why aren't there more low level items+9 on the market? i mean for a server that's been running for so long they would have to be the most abundant items but i can't see any Black Round Shields+9 on the market for example.

    -how much gold/h can someone make? these days i've been fishing happily making about 15-20kk/h and after getting some items i can make 70-100kk/h at lv 50, can i achieve more at higher levels?

    Thank you!

  • Hey there,

    well generally a Black Round Shield isn't really worth it.

    It costs Pearls to make that shield. Lv 21 and Lv 61 Shields cost Clams, so why bother with a Shield that hardly gives any benefit over lv 21 Shields but costs a crapton more to make.

    People dont waste their resources on Items that arent cost effective. Meaning for low level you'll likely only find stuff like for example Lv 29 Shoes, Ebony Earrings/Bracelet, Lv 34/42/48/54 Armor, Lv 30 Weapons etc.

    As for the Income stuff, i can't really answer, but it should be more rewarding to level up nowadays, yes. Atleast that was the goal of one of the recent updates.

  • Hey welcome back :)

    Fishing is a good way of making money these days. I suggest you sell the minnows you catch for 3kk and then buy one of the +6 fishing rods in the market if you don't have it yet(they are usually 25-35kk). This will increase the number of fish you can catch and will give you fishing points faster.

    Coming to the second question, of course, it is possible for you to earn much more money as your level rises. After all, the goal in this game is to reach the highest level and kill the highest level metins and bosses :D Therefore, I recommend you to level up slowly without being too hasty.

    Have fun.