improvement item suggestion

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  • what do you think? 11

    1. yes (3) 27%
    2. no (7) 64%
    3. I do not care (1) 9%

    the game is old, we are unlikely to get new players. To keep the existing players, I recommend increasing the chance for an upgrade from 10%. I've been playing here since december, previously also played from ~ 2012 sometimes. I do not think players would be angry with such a change. a lot of players are leaving because they screw up money on pearls and other enhancers. if someone does something, it is known that he will be more interested in the continuation of the game.

    clean items + 9 are not worth as much as ready, mixed and I think it will positively affect the market and allow new players to catch up with old ones. despite plans for an academy.

  • Since they made many parts of the game much more accessible and easier to reach (S-skills, dss and better droprates overall) with last weeks patch (which was the right move imo) i dont see the necessity to further going in that direction for now.