Craftable temporary fishing pole

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  • Yep or meh? 15

    1. Meh (10) 67%
    2. Yep (5) 33%

    What do you guys think about a temporary craftable fishing pole? Fishes are extremely expensive and it seems so hard and boring to put your hands on a good pole. And why would someone sell it? They make bunch of money with it + it took them a while to make it.

    The pole could be crafted with 2/3/4 items that could be dropped in a few dungeons + some gold (50/100kk..) and have a few days of duration. The pole should be non-tradable, so people won't give it away/ sell it if they won't use it anymore because that would make the materials cheaper.

  • How could it destroy it? Making items easier to bonus didn't destroy it. Making skills P easier didn't destroy it, but yea, a fishing rod would destroy the server.

  • The problem with this idea is that you can't make the crafting process too hard because then nobody would use it but at the same time if you make it too accessible then nobody would use a normal pole anymore.

    A system in which you could maybe boost the progress of your permanent pole is a better solution.

  • Sounds good. However, it is important to find the balance in between. Because there are people who spend a long time to make +20 fishing rods, and since this game has the logic of so much time = so much reward (like all mmos :D), I think it's good to be careful.

    However, it can bring a nice variety to the game, as in the Official server.

  • I, like the others who got their poles to +20, took my time and fished. It's really not boring if you play alongside nice people and whom you start conversations with. It's very profitable too, if you consider selling minnows, clams, fish, participating in the fishing extravaganza event. The new system makes it so easy to upgrade your pole that I'm amazed there aren't more fishers out there. Fishing is a great feature of the game, why ruin the experience? It's a strong NO from my side. Go fish and don't look for shortcuts, or you'll definitely miss out on the journey! :)

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