A VPN can get you banned

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  • Hope there is at least one person on the team who can confirm this and understand the problem with VPNs. Please just try to read it and understand the overall problem of this situation without any bias.

    I got wrongfully banned and here is why. Understandable 99% of Bans are for a reason and it isn't worth to discuss the reason with a cheater but I got banned because I didn't turn off the VPN once. So on my main I logged in with this IP-Address: This is the IP from Mullvad cz-prg-002. Everyone on the internet can use Mullvad and therefore can use this IP. Hell everyone on the server could login from the same IP. This ban is IP based and thats why it hit me without even playing the game for 1-2 Years. There are so many reason why it wouldn't make sense.

    1) I started 2015 and I didn't cheat through all the years. Played a lot and invested a lot of time. And now all of a sudden I make a new account just to cheat? Yeah sure

    2) I have multiple accounts and names that follow a pattern and the account which got me banned didn't follow that pattern. After all the years I just randomly decide to cheat with a random low level account. Yeah sure

    3) Again everyone can login in from this IP.

    4) Look at IP from all my other accounts. Thats my personal IP I played with.

    5) I move to a new country just to cheat..... again reasonable I guess

    6) The most important one. I have no motive. No reason why. Zero motivation to cheat. I respected the rules through all the years. I respected others and the team.

    So at the end I got banned because a random person on the internet had Mullvad and used the same IP as I did that one time.

    All in all I'm really sad that I'm not understood or rather that there is no effort made to understand this problem. I'm instantly labeled as cheater and therefore I should go to hell.

  • well i use a VPN from time to time as all depends where i am and the only thing that is a pain you have tell the useless system it is actually you then it happy as whats it for anyway the only thing i can think of is so they know where you are!!!