Client download problem?

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  • To whom it may concern,

    I am having an issue with the metin2sg client download. When i click on download game button Metin2SG-Installer.exe file download starts without any problem. But when download reaches 515MB download speed is decreasing to 0 (zero) and stays like that like forever.

    Asking for a solutiın.



  • Usually people just search for Windows Defender Firewall instead of the Windows Defender Live Search, which tends to be the issue.

    -> Bottom Right of the task bar

    -> Click on the little Shield Icon

    -> Virus & Threat Protection

    -> Manage Settings

    -> Real-Time Protection -> Toggle off

  • Generally the issue that you experience is pretty clear.

    Something on your PC blocks the Patcher from downloading further, since it stops at a specific point the assumption that an Anti Virus or Firewall is falsely detecting something and thus blocks the Patcher from downloading is the most obvious one.

    I know of a case or two where simply starting and not touching the patcher after it stopped solved the issue by itself, not sure what caused that to happen though and i've not encountered that specific case very often