Mage build

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  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to ask what is the best combination of items, stats, and bonuses that can give a mage maximum pvm damage for general metins farming.

    I find it confusing because I don't know how INT bonus on items compares to vs monsters bonus. Which one would give the most damage increase?

    Should a mage have items like SCE or HTE and why?

    As far as buffs go, having a low lvl set of items with full int makes sense, but then when you change them, your INT points would drop significantly, hence reducing your overall attack value.

    I should mention that I have read the official guide regarding the status points, but I was still left with these questions.

    If anyone knows what is the best approach and why I would really appreciate an answer.

    Thanks in advance!

  • i can say something about earrings, im a mage too, and only playing for pvm.

    i have hte+9 fully mine armed, and also i have sce+9 (no soul crystal added), those earrings have nearly same stats, and 8 avg rarity. i hit metins higher damage with sce+9. but this is a choice for u, cuz int increases our buffs, 10 int gives %3 more buff i guess. now im not in game, im at work, maybe i can add a ss about the damages after work.

    actually if u want high damage, u need sce. u want high buff rate, u need hte. yea int increase our damages also, but sce gives higher damage at all.

    and here is the thing, we need both of earrings, cuz u know, sometimes we join with dungeon runs, we need to buff our friends and guildmates with high buffs. and u know there are ruby earrings in the game, maybe u can try this one for higher buff rate.

    i tried before to buff myself with maximum int, and then changed my usual pvm items, but i saw buff rates going down. (tried months ago maybe something changed now, idk. u can try and look at the changes at bonus page.)


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  • Strictly speaking for metin farming, your only item with int you will be using when farming is going to be the shield, with immune, 12 int and 15 block, 8 avg res rarity bonus.

    You have to have as much monster as possible in order to deal dmg. The INT on items doesn't increase dmg more than what you can have using vs monster items.

    The next thing you should focus on is having very much attack speed, because it is increasing your dmg when you attack from a mount. You can have attack speed on helmet (1-5 and 6/7 stats), the costume and shoes (1-5 stats).

    So go full monster, attack speed and crit/pierce for highest dmg. Buff yourself using the int items and kill metins with pvm gear. If you have more questions, go ahead, I will gladly help.

  • Thank you, both, for your answers.

    I understand that vs monster gives me the maximum damage output in this context so I will do just that, plus making a low lvl set of items with full INT for buffs.

    I can't think of any more questions at the moment, but if I do in the future, I'll post them here.

    Thanks again!