Not tradable item.

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  • Yes, there is reasons for it.

    That Certificate can be obtained via the Daily Reward System.

    If it was tradeable, people would simply make 4000 level 1 chars untill they get it, making the crafting path completely obsolete.

    Most Items that are not tradeable have their reason, if you see any you think that should be tradeable, feel free to post them here and i'll check if there's a reason.

  • as a player, I will say that sometimes this item in my inventory gets in the way and I would like to hide it in the fat man for later use.

    by the way, the reward system is hardly visible and for higher levels it is not profitable to do it by just dropping such unnecessary scrolls, small potions, etc.

    I wish it would stack up, the offline store should be opened from the bundle to make the game easier for less intuitive players and remove the obligation to have the shopbox item in the inventory to open the store.

    teleportation (map) could open after clicking e.g. tab. looking for a teleport with f5 is nasty.


    it's hard to replace items like that. I recommend that you browse through the daily prizes, student caskets. at the start you get small green sweats that cannot be sold, you have to use them, many people asked me how to sell / remove something from my inventory.

    from the chest of Azrael (you should change it for regular) and other bosses will drop the inventory opening from (b), you could add them to the daily system instead of the chest, blessing marble more exo scrolls, dragon earrings (b) for begginers etc. for higher levels there should be a better reward.