The number of players

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  • Hello!I started playing this server some days ago!

    It reminds me of the good metin2 times, times when map1/map2 upgrades will sell, everything will be hard to achieve

    The metin stones number is perfect, the supreme skills are a goal , a goal which will make players grind and grind and grind

    That 6/7 system is perfectly balanced for pvm, bonus variations are really really good, everything about server is perfect in my opinion! comes the problem

    The number of players

    You can tell me that map1 is full of shops, but some of them (even 10-15) are made by the same players

    It s really hard to sell, to buy stuff, just high level players who say on chat "leave the game, leave the game"

    It s so hard to start as a newbie

    The lack of players is the biggest problem

    50-100 players online maximum

    You cant stay on a server where the market is dead, where u cant buy, where u cant sell

    I think some youtubers partnerships will work, some adveritising, to bring new players, some fresh air into the game

    The server is nearly dead right now, and the high level people did that

    They wont buy nothing excepting pig nose and soul stones from low level players and this is so sad

    How can I grow up when there are no players to buy my stuff?

    Just how

    If this server would have 500-1000 players, it will be most fun server ever

    Please make something to bring in new players

    We need that

    Dont focus just on high level players

    Make a new dungeon for low lv (15-30) where u have to work together to get the reward

    I have an great idea

    Map1 stuff like bear gall+, toy or map2 stuff like broken china etc to have the oportunity to be sold at general market

    Like 800k for a toy, 200k for a broken china etc

    This would be absolutely the best!

  • tenor.gif?itemid=13933485

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • First of all people dont tell you to leave without reason. Since the first day you play here you spam in call chat like "only 50 players dead server" "you cant sell anything" "you cant farm lowlevel" and while the server could have some more players the other points are just you not being able to play this game properly and crying all day in call, so its no wonder people are annoyed by you.

    I personally even told you that you can make money and your only answer was spamming 5 times in a row "new players cant farm hydra all day" or smth like that. So stop acting like the victim when you just being toxic.

    If you really like the server I cant really understand your behaviour but if there is a chance you go on playing ask people for help instead of annoying the sh*t out of everyone in call chat.

    While I would like to give you some pointers what to farm, it's also pretty hard to help you since you leveled to 62 without gear if I saw right on map1. If not please correct me.

    If I was you I would try farming dark temple 55 and 60 metins if you can manage, if not better make new farmer level 40 or something. Generally its wise to collect all rarity stuff to get rarity ores other than that you might also collect common weapons on your buff to sell on general store. Soul stones and changers always sell good too. Also take a look at the market and watch upgrade material prices, you might wonder how easy money you can make with for example unknown medicine+ keepsake+ and stuff like that.

    Let me tell you from ther perspective of a 1 month player: If you are nice to people around here they most likely will be nice to you too and answer your questions. And if you have no patience selling your stuff do it like me and sell cheap and in 1x stacks to be on top of shop search.

  • All issues solve themselves in time.

    Either that, or the player learns how to solve them and enjoy the game.

    You should've been here when we complained about how we don't sell anything.

    Most people end up leaving because of that.

    Those that stayed understood how the system works.

    If you're here to have fun, time and patience are key. No need to rush and stress it.

    If you're here to get in top 10 best players, you're on the wrong server.

    Tradition is the corpse of wisdom.

  • My Suggestion would be to unban some player who did good advertising videos for the Server :borg:

    only then i would start play active

    (jokes aside, i tried to reinstall sg, it laged and then i had to use task manager to stop, if you finally after 1 or 2 years of complaining by players, would change that, you would have more players! so before i start ccome back i already deleted it again, think about it, and NO i will not change anything in my ip on my router etc, all other metin servers worke fine, only sg have this problem. )

    b2tp: just dont investe your gold in equipment,alchemy , because ther you are right, selling with a low playerbase like sg, you can FORGET to sell/resell anything

    but upgrade stuff, polymarbles should be easy to sell and farm

  • It was something that surprised me, the fact of Valley not being really full.

    Mostly considering changers sell like hot bread, and sometimes you drop a soul stone. Rarity ore and selling stones to NPCs was my easy cash, though.

    Not much chitchat in chat, that's what is somewhat depressing.