[CHANGE] Sellable / Vendorable Quest Rewards

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  • As the title suggests, I would like to be able to sell to NPC / vendor all the quest reward items that we receive from doing the quests. I'm not talking here about the Items we receive from accepting the quests (such as Easter baskets, Wands or whatnot - although some people mentioned they had problems deleting those as well, probably after the event was over) just the reward items, such as Exorcism Scrolls in my case (from lvl 90+ quests). I can't remember any other item at this moment (there are probably more out there, feel free to complete the list by replying to this thread), but having a character with all maxed skills and 2-3 inventory slots locked (2 on one char, 1 on another char) is definitely not an ideal situation.

    fig1. rewards from lvl 90 quests in the new maps - same item vnum, unstackable, unsellable

    fig2. lvl 90 quests exorcism scrolls' tooltip

    fig3. Hunter Quest (now deleted) reward from collecting the Animal Hearts.



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