Fresh blood in pvp

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  • i really enjoy the game actually and i personally have no issues with it i just farm and farm and enjoy farming to try to be able to pvp and i dont mind working hard to try catch up even if i never catch up but what im saying is the harsh mechanics and the way the dss is, is the reason there is little pvp on the server right now because they simply cant fight >.< no i wasnt one of the ones who complained infact i very rarely complain (only this and once other time) my first encounter with meley was very good i enjoyed it with my guild which is why i said i enjoy the new contents but know the reasons why there is little pvp and only the 3-4 guilds that pvp, that is facts and it is what it is. so the thread has been answerd.

  • PVP was not a thing even before the arrival of the mythic wheel or the mythic DSS. It is not the DSS ONLY. But as usual players only see their struggles as the main evil when is actually not just that, while us admin see the bigger picture, but cannot act as a server is also community driven and when the community don't want changes that requires sacrifices, our hands are tied.

  • i think some people should just grow up and stop with trash talk and after u will see more people make "pvp" or maybe i can say the right words start with s :chinese:


  • I mean...

    There are pure PvP servers that somehow made everyone having the same starting EQ exciting. So, maybe the thing to refresh this community is not a downscale of their effort, but a different gameplay.

    Keep the normal PvP just as it is - the most time spent playing wins the game.

    But... also add events that give people basic EQ, limit the DMG a skill can do and so on - basically a PvP war/arena where everybody is scaled to the same level and everyone can have fun.

    I mean, it's all in good fun, right?

    Well, wrong, even with this idea and its potential successful implementation, old players will still complain that "somehow" it's not fair for them.

    I personally wouldn't mind joining an arena with some basic lvl 1 +9 items and basic skills if it meant 30 minutes of PvP fun instead of 30 minutes spent as a corpse in NW. But if this happens, then the ones that do PvP now will come complaining that no one does normal PvP with them, and the tables will turn, more or less.

    I'd say enjoy the PvM gameplay cause it's quite solid here. Enjoy it, have fun, make money, get rich, you know, all that stuff - it's what keeps me here, 'cause I have no plans of experiencing even more toxicity from the "top players" here.

    tl;dr I wouldn't mind some sort of mod or special gameplay event that focuses more on fun PvP and less on items/stats/time played.

    Tradition is the corpse of wisdom.

  • Which is already in the game in the form of a beta, but not developed properly for the same reason, nobody cared.


    This npc sells special items used on a special kind of guild war. You can decleare a war by using the third type of choice to use this event.

    You can participate into this war only by having this weapon and this armour on. No other items. Your skills are capped, meaning that you don't even need S skills or P or G. Inside the map you hunt monsters and gain coins. With these coins you purchase power ups. Immune to faint, +300 AP, + 30% skill, etc

    The goal is to destroy the two pillars (which have the placeholder of a metin) of the enemy team. There was still a lot to balance, a good way to farm coins a quick way to increase your power ups (which now is done only with a npc in your own safe zone) but still it pretty much had what you asked: Fun pvp, tower games like, that required no items whatesover.

    It wasn't liked, because nobody would want to be on equal grounds.

  • Hello, guys!

    First of all I want to apologise if my next words will hurt someone, it’s not intended, I have nothing to do with anyone, it’s just a subjective and honest opinion. Maybe I don’t have the right to talk, in last weeks/months I didn’t play because I am very busy in real life with different things, but I’m playing this server since 2011 or 2012 (I don’t remember exactly) and I saw with my eyes how the PVM and PVP evolved. Then, I think I can say few words about the current situation.

    • I started to do PVP in the true sense of the word in 2016-2017, I started as mental warrior and now, after 4-5 years i’m still mental warrior. So my first advice: play what class you like, not what others tell you what to play. Of course, advices from old players with experience in PVP are welcome, but always follow your heart.
    • When I started PVP I was also focused because you can’t be very good from start, I was killed while farming, I was discouraged by “enemies” in different ways (some of them still playing but I won’t say any name). So my second advice is: don’t be discourage by these facts, the rivalty between old guild is too big and sometimes some players say things that they regret just because they are afraid to lose. Of course, there are differences now between 2016-2017 and 2021, but what I want to say is I started as new player in PVP, all these years until that I was just PVM. I don’t what to be arrogant but watch my videos, ; , I’ve proved enough in an era of “bullies”. So my 3rd advice: be insistent and never give up!
    • Another factor is the number of active PVP players in kingdoms. For example, in my opinion, yellow players are more discouraged to build PVP items just because they know blues PVP players are maybe 2-3x more. Also, I would like to congratulate HowHigh guild because they recruits almost every blue player with PVP potential, it’s not my business what they are learning them or what they say about yellow players, but it’s a very good strategy if you don’t like to lose – recruit more and more PVP players.
    • Another factor is to not play alone, always play with a group and cooperate with your kingdom. I know some people talking about me that I am fake, I am a snake and more, but honestly I don’t care, my attention is almost 0. It’s true, I had issues with some ZeroGravity members, I trashtalked about them a lot, I fighted against them, but in the end I was thinking and I realized it was a mistake. My kingdom lost a lot because of these fights, then I started to make peace with yellow kingdom players and we did it. The proof is, after we united and played together, we won 2-3 Nation Wars in a row (after we lost like 4-5-6 months in a row every Nation War), even when we was outnumbered. So, what changed so suddenly? I’m telling you, nothing, just teamplay. Everyone pays for their mistake and yellow kingdom paid for that.
    • About balancing PVP, I don’t want to say anything, we (old players) must accept any changes that makes new players to grow up faster in PVP and keep up with us and not crying because our hardwork was fucked.
    • Also, another advice is: don’t be easy gullible. Some players looks friendly and helpful but they only pursue their interests.
    • So, I’m addressing to the new PVP players: follow your heart, don’t be discouraged, don’t be easy gullible, be insistent and NEVER GIVE UP!



  • thanks bbazzy for your nice post. and also to all who shared their opinion about it.

    so we all know our server is not some kind of easy private server that you make pvp items in 1 day. noone would want it also. but it is now very well known that high lv pvp players would embrace any change to improve pvp situation as prometheus stated.

    the idea was to give a clue to pvmers who think that they have to nolife the server to have fun in pvp. it takes so much time to be a top pvp player but much less time to take a role in the pvp. even some examples of items were given in the thread. i hope we broke the prejudice that you need the best items and full mythic super class dss to have fun in pvp.

    i also believe we gave a clue to the staff that there are actually too many people that want to pvp but hesitate to start it and for a reason. why? because the only relevant pvp seems to be the top lvls and they get bored trying to reach there

    now you can think of something that will make pvmers to go pvp. for those who farm valley/desert/flameland/forests. im talking about some kind of pvp+pvm run which gives farmers really good rewards but also making them have to pvp. imagine a public orc maze run every 2h just like ochao. only 30-60lv main players allowed. and now imagine a group of friends just started the server. how funny would that be for them?

    we have a dungeon for every lvl range so that sounds perfect in theory. a system that prepares players to the top lvl pvp. a system that doesnt make players quit after a while. details are up to staff

    updates like meley or zodiac only entertains 20-30 people in this sv. but that thing will bring fun to all. also will bring new players to the server

  • Quote

    i also believe we gave a clue to the staff that there are actually too many people that want to pvp but hesitate to start it and for a reason. why? because the only relevant pvp seems to be the top lvls and they get bored trying to reach there

    When a player who has pvp equipment for 100+ creates a level 40 or 70 to participate to those Budokan brackets that doesn't suits him or her, they are infact discouraging new players from pvping. Cause that char is actually twinkled or pushed, using the items that only a high level could use.

    So I should use time and resources to create a public Orc Run, that would see just level 30-60 with those level 120 items? Imagine a group of friend joining the server today and they fight your alt level 60, with perfect ebony earrings and other level 30-60 perfected items. Oh yeah so much fun to get kicked in the ass like that. It is simply a waste of time to create functions that you can already smell they would be ruined by the huge ego of the players and their insatiable way of "winning"

  • let it be the highest lv char the player has? ofc there might be exceptions like a 62 farmer stayed on that lv and kept exping the buffer and it reached 80 but still using that char as a buffer only. i guess thats not something you cant deal with to catch if someone abusing the rule

    back then what actually bothered people was all dungeons being ip blocked but since we are talking about extra invade dungeons for only the relevant level main players that wouldnt bother anyone. they can still farm whatever they want but only cant interfere these public dungeons.

    if we want the server in a better shape we must take actions. you have my word i will not cry when i wont be able to join those public dungeons made for lower lvls. you can ignore the pathetic complains if you believe a system like this would fit the server

  • No back then what bothered people was to not have the freedom of doing what they please and hence we made a step back. You are asking to do exactly what you guys complained about, setting a a limit that GMs must oversee, that must cope the craps of players that find excuses to justify their farming / joining on runs that no longer compete them.

    The answer is no. You want changes? We must delete and change a lot of items / bonus. We must make things that are clearly hard to achieve in resonable time, easier, even thou you wasted so many golds. It is pointless to do such changes if from day after you guys cry and scare new players away saying we did the wrong choices, we punish high level, we dislike those who play since years etc.

    Such claims are not true, what we dislike is the attitude that if you play here 10 years your opinions should matter like 100x players, they don't. You are one, you count for one.

  • you are right we cried so much when you made big changes but turned out the changes made the server better. apologies from my side because i was one of them who bitched about it but learned from mistakes and trying to advise stuff for the sake of server

    however, with all due respect i do not get what you want to do. you actually like the idea but dont want to deal with some abusers? or you would delete/change some items but dont want to deal with complains? then what you want to do?

    i dont know if you are glad with the amount of active players but in my opinion this server deserves many more players and bringing stuff for high end levels wont bring new players since they still need months to reach it. thats all i want to point

  • Remove the rarity system

    This would increase difficulty of the game significantly.

    New players would struggle fighting monsters and bosses, they would deal a lot less damage, so farming stuff would also take a lot longer. And even more of them would quit early game.

    Basically this would result in the opposite of what this threads intention is.

  • In my opinion, it's not a problem to join pvp, you must understand that some people just want to avoid thresh talk as we have seen yesterday one ochao run, and the call chat was heavily spammed.

    Also, you must understand that some people just need to chill and took a break from the game.

    Pretty sure that you can fight with a high-class DSS and it's not that hard to make at the moment, if you can't make super mythic just go for high if you think that you are missing full wheel to make ''2k damage more'', the only problem I see is that new people can't do OCHAOruns since 10 years old players are killing them hardly. As we know the price of moonstone is 25-30 won each is the new player able to make armor to +9 ( roll it and make rarity )? Besides that there are S skills and to make one how much gold do you need 100won?

    In the end, my conclusion is to nerf the hydra run tickets from 100SS to 50SS, make more channels for ochao runs like it was before as we all know the moonstone was 4won, that's how we made armors before no? Remove or nerf the fish and if it's possible make dragon god attack working on magic skills as well at least some %, not the full amount as it's for physical damage.

  • I have ever seen best comment untill today

  • and if it's possible make dragon god attack working on magic skills as well at least some %, not the full amount as it's for physical damage.

    green liquid and gold crucian carp reduces a lot the damage of bm and mages and dragon god attack doesnt work for skills? Shadow if u wont remove gcc and block liquids in budo, can u make dragon god attack work for skills too at least? so bm and mages can gain more damage cuz in budo, i m making 140 with orb and 80 and 75 with the other range skills and this is just absurd.

  • I agree with moonstone and SS.

    I decided to play another character I've only made some progress for 1 month