Soul Stones for Hydra tickets.

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  • Temporary servers are the only way to gain players, however changes must be done to improve the gaming experience and you cannot do such changes only on the temporary server, otherwise you cannot merge. Things like drop rate and respawn time can be different, but other things must be the same or else the merge is problematic or not possible.

    We go back to the same issues that players of this server don't want any changes that make their work "less valuable" even if that work is 10 years old.

    PS: The novice channel was removed long time ago

  • That would/could be a good idea. I've seen these "speed servers" and in most cases, they worked pretty well.

    - On one side you'll have all those new players who bump from server to server (new ones) in search of that "adrenaline/addiction" the game gives you with a fresh start for everyone. Plus the "old" players from the actual SG who are bored/tired and want to start again from scratch. This combined will, OF COURSE, bring a good amount of $$ for the server if the Item Shop will be prepared optimally (just imagine, for example, all the $$ for the costumes when everyone will start).

    - On the other side you'll still have the old server with the player who would rather see the server die with them than leaving and playing on a new one.

    Once the speed server reaches its own cap time(I wouldn't let it run for more than 70/90 days) you can merge it with this one.

    That's a win-win situation because you'll get new players ( $$$ ) with the speed server and keep some of the old with SG, and then after the merge, you'll still have a good amount of players who will play on the merged server. Or at least you should.

    If all this speed server thing will work, you can repeat it multiple times. Basically, the speed servers will be more like "seasons"

    And if this will not work, you can start a new one as you (Shadow) are projecting to do, without the chance to merge it

    P.S. If the new server will have easier features then you can progressively put them into SG too because at that point, let's be honest, this server will be pretty EMPTY and I think the players will be kinda forced to accept them. Because what would be the options for them?

    1) Do not accept them and let the server die, which will happen anyway because we'll have like what, 50 players ONLINE? Then you'll close it because it will cost more than it generates.

    2) Accept the changes and wait for the waves of players from speed server.

    P.P.S (for all the players) Remember guys that this game needs to generate $$ for the Team&Co because otherwise what would be the point, of running it?

    Would you run it for free or with negative income, only for the sake of it and the nostalgia this game brings to most of us? I don't think so...

  • We go back to the same issues that players of this server don't want any changes that make their work "less valuable" even if that work is 10 years old.


    we already stated many times that we would embrace any changes to keep the server alive. do not insult our intelligence by repeating the same sentence all the time

  • Considering you were one of the major complainers during the previous "change" I find it hilarious that you assume I must believe your words now.

    Every couple of years there is a similiar thread, where you guys pretty much bow down and beg for changes. Changes that when me or someone else of the team announced were heavily bashed and hence discarded.

    But when they come and people return, you start your bitching parade and how things could have been better if we just did that or this or whatever. I personaly grow tired of that attitude and from these posts I don't see any difference from 2 years ago tbh.

  • Shadow

    In last months or why not last year, i realised you are right. We (old players) are guilty (almost all) for unmotivate and discourage new players to start or keep playing here. Our ego and rilvary between us, it made us blind to realise that, we overfarmed everything in this game with all our accounts for every possible way to make gold and fight each others. The idea of competition was taken to the extreme and this was toxic for new players. Some of us killed other players at common farm and big events since years like we was not rich enough to let them grow up and compete with us in PvM and especially in PvP. As old PvP player, pretending that you still need moonstone for items or “guild members” it’s just a reason that make new PvP players to give up fast. Making shops with random name and trying to sell moostone for crazy price don’t make you smart, it’s just a proof of selfishness amd greedness. Also, referring to every update that changed PvP, the forum was like the playground of children who hit each others and start crying and still is as i see. I remember it started when you removed class resistance and class versus from items. That time marked the beginning of the baby era for old players because their work for pvp items was “ruined”. For me it’s just very, very funny, i laugh a lot when friends from game send me printscreens with what ppl talk ingame or forum, it’s like a stand-up comedy, because some of those players crying like a baby who didn’t drink milk and sleep enough because they don’t have PvP moments (i am not referring to you, Hecthor, you are like new in this business). Also, i don’t want to sound innocent, i admit that i am guilty too for this situation, everyone (old players) is guilty more or less. I think the staff have also a little part of guilt with few changers, we are humans and we can’t be perfect, we will never know what others like or not so we should accept that our decission will make some players happy and some players sad. Some old players just have a paradoxical attitude regarding the new PvP players, they look friendly and helpful in forum / discord but in game they act totally different. They just don’t give a damn chance to their enemies to grow up and compete with them. So why did you cry because there are no PvP moments anymore? It’s was obvious that some old players will take a break or leave the game and if you didn’t give a chance to new PvP enemies with who you will fight in the end? You will end up with doing guild wars between you and be frustrated because your enemies “stopped PvP”. I don’t want to attack anyone with this comment, but this is the reality and we all should accept it. It’s too late now to change our attitude and acting like we care, it’s just too late. I know I'm contradicting my first comment in another thread, it was like a motivational speech for new players who want to start PvP, but I wanted to say the reality too. If someone felt attacked, I'm sorry, that means you're guilty of what I said above and even you don’t felt attacked you are still guilty, everyone know what i want to say (i’m talking about old PvP players).

  • Bazzy, nicely said.

    We all know that there is a guild in blues that would just flame everyone else.

    An example of this toxic behavior :) Hecthor

    He just cries now " fresh blood in PVP " but let us not forget that if there is a war and he kills someone he is going to drop 1 gold or call him weak or whatever names :) After this he says " fresh blood in pvp " :)

    Just like he attacked Shadow on every update possible until he got a fair ban for abusing an event, taking advantage from this exploit to get S skills faster so later he could call names everyone else who plays fairly and gets an S skill every 2-3 months :)

    After getting unbanned he suddenly changes his options and likes every move or fart of Shadow :)

    So basically, this kind of players just votes no to any option that would make the game easier for new players just because he rushed to get everything on a 24/7 farming..

    There are no other servers up for 10 years+.

    Shadow, just do what you think is the best. in the end, its the new players that come that matter, not 10-15 old players. You count on new players, thats why you open a new server.

    Make this server easy, let everyone get access to high end, we may end up having 50-100 full S skills wars with +9 armors.

    Thats where the fun is, high number wars, guild wars, guild war events with limited amount of players...

  • Yes let’s make a speed server, reduce the number of soul stones for hydra from 100 to 20 and maybe put moonstones in the shop

    Yea mate, good idea.

    Moonstone for maybe 10k tp :) imagine they income they'd have. maybe this way they can hire a new developer.

    They keep the server online for dollars. rather than having it is worth giving a try like this.

    let me guess, did you farm 24/7 too for moonstones and this change would upset you? :)

  • Diury

    The thing is, Metin2 it's a 17 years old game, not only SG have this problem. Most of servers are dominated by old players, who started when server was opened or not long after (i'm talking about servers that have been opened for more than 6-7 years). Of course, in every server are exceptions, players who reach high level players in PvM and PvP in a "short" time, but this require a lot of hard work, ambition and more than 7-8 hours of playing per day. A friend from game spent a lot of time and gold to make PvP items and he is still far away of high level players. Usually, "new players" are not new in the true sense of word, they are just players with metin2 experience who jump from server to server until they find something nice. Or, they join as "new players" after a server where they played for a while was closed. Very few players are really new in this game. Anyway, what will happen when these players with metin2 experience will grow up, will have a job, will have a family? They will start playing less and less until they will leave the server, because their free time will be limited. It's obvious, there are other games that don't require too much time to demonstrate your gamer skills, so they will chose them instead Metin2. The saddest thing in Metin2 SG is that more than half old players have not matured much compared to 3-4 years ago, they have same attitude and way of speaking. These players hide their frustrations and dissatisfaction behind a mask and they will never admit their mistakes, they will always spread lies around and will formulate only simple hypotheses that are only in their head to prove to themselves that they are right. From my point of view, this server need major changes to "survive", i'm not saying that because staff don't do their job, i say that because time passed and peoples will chose to play other games because they are much accessible. As i heard, the staff prepare some changes and i'm happy to hear that, maybe the game will more accessible for every kind of people, but until that will be nice if these old players will admit their mistakes and will be more mature, afterall who likes to play in an empty server? Who likes to play in a game where is no competition? Honestly, the competition must be constructive and there must be respect for the opponent, otherwhise we will see only toxicity and personal problems between players. Don't forget, a simply mask don't make you a better person, words have no relevance, only actions matter. So, i'm saying that for old players: Instead of being like a babies and crying, why you don't try to be a better person ingame?; maybe this will change something, words in discord and forum are irrelevant if you really want to change something.

  • Ares let's put it in other words. What each of us prefer, to have wars of 50-100 persons which means PVP to be accessed easily or to have the PVP super hard where 5 persons are OP and kill everyone else.

    I'd rather say to make the PVP in a way in which you will win because of the team composition and not 3 players with 100% res on every class that will never die.