Gold crucian carp

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  • Change Gold crucian 36

    1. 20 Skill dmg (4) 11%
    2. less skill res (23) 64%
    3. keep it as it is (9) 25%

    Hey would suggest to change the gold crucian carp to 20skill dmg or reduce the skill res since 95skill res is to op ull simply make no dmg.

  • Bare in mind that affects are different from bonus. A change of the affect of the gold carp will only affect he new items created after such change. The old items would still maintain the 20 skill resistance.

    Which means that to avoid any crying, complain and witch hunt, in case we decide to held pvp events, such fish must be deleted from the server the day of the change, otherwise any pvp competition would have a demand for us GM to check if such old fish were used to win.

    So after this statement i expect that the people who voted for a change, which are mainly the same who complained about the removal of the old poly marbles, either change their vote or offer an apology for all the months of complains (still on going) for the deletion of those items.

  • Even better if u remove it for good. the nw is on sunday and it was taking like 30-45 mins per round (before the nerf of white flags) and on sunday, people usually spend the time with family so with the nerf of white flags + gcc removed = rounds of 5 mins for sure so high lv pvp players can join nw for 15 - 20 mis totally instead almost 2h and then spend the rest of the time with family.

    PS: You can remove it and see what happens with the wars in all 1 month and if we see that it really works well, we can keep it that way or look for other ideas or simply put the fish back

  • Getting rid of it sounds fine, even if shadow has to remove everyone's gold carp fishes like it happened with the poly marbles, if it stays though I think 5% skill res instead is fine, or even changing it to skill damage but 20% is too much, 5% sure but 20% sounds like it would give ranged chars too much of an advantage, being ranged already is an advantage in itself since you can do damage from afar while not being too close to where most of the melee chars are fighting.

    Off topic: get rid of loach too, that fish should never be a thing in PvP, being invis the whole fight is just too much, not even dagger sins with the S stealth do that.