The level of monsters

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  • Hello, I'd like to talk about the level of monsters in enchanted forest and high level dungeons.

    Now since most events are based on the level of monsters being close to your character level, I feel it's necessary to increase the level of monsters so people above lv105 can farm with their main chars and not be forced to play on lower level farmers.

    For example, most of the monsters in enchanted forest/Erebus are around lv102-104 (I said most because there are few exceptions) and they are not as many as the other mobs in lower level maps.

    Moreover, monsters in hell and ice run are kind of lower level than their designed dungeon, for example, you need lv100 to enter hell run, why would there be monsters below lv90 there? It makes no sense and it only decreases the drop for players who decide to level up above lv105 (there are many players who don't level up past lv105 to maintain good drop).

    If this is not considered to be a good point for a change, may I suggest adding new farm maps / dungeons for higher levels that have enough high level monsters so they can farm with their main accounts like other players. Since Zodiac is in the making, this might be a good opportunity to implement this idea.