Bonusses on Costumes and Hairstyles

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  • Don't think there is a list.

    Hairstyles have all the vs (pvm and pvp). vs classes max is 15%, rest 10%(including demi human).

    Costumes have all the class resistance(10% max), SP/HP regen, movement speed(10%), attack speed(8%), spell speed(10%)

  • attack speed(8%)

    Only 5% on costumes - don't spend money trying to find the 8%, since you'd be wasting it. I recommend trying to get up to 2 bonuses / item and then, for pvm, change to get 10% devil / 10% undead (hairstyle) and 5% attack speed / 10% moving speed (costume). Don't try to get 3 bonuses, it's all about luck - takes too much time and money and it's not worth it. Alternatively, the costumes come with random bonuses that may be different from the ones you can get by changing. For instance, you can get 8 STR, 5 Crit or 3 Poison chance - it's a random bonus that, once changed, can't be gotten back. If you got attack speed and moving speed capped on your char, I wouldn't change if I got a bonus that boosts my dmg / gives a unique, otherwise unobtainable stat.

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