Is it worth to buy full Itemshop with Yang?

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  • Definitely worth it. This is what I recommend every new player:

    1. get a good weapon (25 - 35 average at the beginning)

    2. get your horse leveled up

    3. farm until you get enough adders / changers to get the most needed bonuses on your items (8% attack speed on lvl 21 helm, 12pts of main stat on shield, 20% drop on earrings, 20% drop on bracelet, 10% crit on necklace, 50 attack value on armor, 10% crit on shoes)

    4. now with these items get ~320kk (4 Odin's Rings worth) - to buy the 1 month farmer package - at this point you'll watch your drop rate increase exponentially

    5. start upgrading your skills and gear (starting with weapon - 40% average with at last +5 stones)

    6. now you're able to farm a lot faster and better metin stones; at this point you should be getting 50 - 100kk / hour (just from selling skill books and +0/1/2 stones to the general store and selling soul stones, hermits, exorcism scrolls, green changers)


    this will easily get you plenty of money to buy everything you want on the item shop. i now buy the 3 months premium pack whenever its time vanishes & all the costumes / pets i need


    what you've just read is a formula I tested on my own. I'm now making 300kk / hour (without selling anything else but blue changers)

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  • can i just buy the thief gloves? thats way cheaper then premium package

  • 1st Goal - Item Shop Thief Gloves

    2nd Goal - half-decent items for farming.

    3rd Goal - full Item Shop items (all last 1 month; pet lasts 4 months).

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