Which lvl should you be for Red Forest

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  • Hello,

    I am atm lvl 62 farming red forest. I feel like my lvl is a but low for these metins. I heard that when you are idk what lvl I think 86 you start dropping clams from the mobs too.

    Would lvling to 86 be a good ideea?

    Also, I am doing 7,4k crits with my fms, P aos and full costume, which seems a bit low. I have no ruby yet but how much avg/str would one leg ruby +2/3 give?

    SCE+8 no avg yet.

    All in all, my questions would be:

    1) Would lvling to 86 be a good ideea for a red forest farmer? I read that they also changed the system so you don’t have to be a much lower lvl than the metin is this true?

    2) Will I drop clams only in the new red forest or also in the normal one?

    3) Would getting a poison +9 with around 35-38 avg +5 stones and a modest ruby incease my dmg making it go to 15-20k crits? If not, what should I consider doing? I am full costume atm.

    4) Where else can I farm with lvl 86?

    Thank you very much!

  • Hello, you can go as far as 95 in there without having any drop pentalties.

    86 you drop clams form the lvl 90 metins ( green mobs )

    lvl 91 you also drop Moons L which is a significant improovement but the drop at 91 in the red wood is low so thats not much of a help in there.

    anyway, as you level up you have lvl 70 and 80 bio quests that make a difference in terms of mobs resistance and also a little more damage.

    Strong recommendatation, lvl up at least to 90 to start all bio or 91. you can also farm 95-105 metins if you get bored

    my 90 war deals 16k crit - avg dmg + ap minor ruby, 50 avg grudge ss +6, pet, fire shoes and sash.

    with what you ve mentioned there you could reach 10-11k

  • Hey,

    Thank you for your response.

    Then I’ll consider lvling to 90-91 but my biggest fear is in terms of damage. Aos will certainly be improved because it also increases with each lvl.

    I get no use in lvling to 90 and doing 8k in 95-105 metins because it would be too time consuming.

    I think i’ll lvl to 86 first and wait till I have enough informations regarding where/what to farm and being able to hit 15-20k in metins.

    Any further tips are very appreciated

  • 1.buy fire shoes, they are very cheap. easy to get them to +6/7 --> extra damage

    2.buy minor ruby --> great increase in damage - cheap

    3.buy sash pvm --> not the best damage / money increase you can get, do it the last

    4.get max crit --> buff P can give you 55-60% + stone , shoes , neck , htb --> 100%

    5.get 230 attack speed - damage scale with attack speed to compensate the fact that attack speed is locked at 160. anything further than that gives extra damage

    6.lvl 75 = grudge --> already more damage than rib

    7.lvl 80 quest = extra vs mob.

    8. forest metins are easy, get an armour for that metins only. 50 atk power + haste +5

    how many of this points have you checked done so far? each of these should increase your damage with about 1000 :) --> do them all and you get 15k crit easy

  • Diury

    Thank you!! Haha I’ve done none.

    Got a noble sash so far,

    No ruby

    Been thinking abt a poison (I heard it’s better for runs)

    I’ll do the Bio’s

    Att speed is not 230 atm, i need to change some bonuses

    No shoes

    Buff’s aren’t P

    Thank you very much!! Now I know what to farm for (been farming without a clear mindset and it is very deceiving)

    Very helpfull tips! Thank you!