What is the difference between racism, xenophobia and homophobia?

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  • We’re all the same, flesh and blood. We’re humans.

    Every single one of us have been gifted with the gift of life, and all of us have a path to follow, a path to run towards their wildest dreams and ambitions. After all, aren’t we all the same?

    What is the difference between racism, xenophobia and homophobia? There’s simply none, are all acts of discrimination.

    Myself, being an openly gay man, as I’m proud to say so, can only find joy in such word. Why is that word used most of the time as a degrading meaning?

    As the slogan goes by, “Black Lives Matter” a black person isn’t a person with color either, because we are all gifted with the power of sight, aren’t we?

    Why should we then call a black person an african person or a person with color? You have color, I have color and this chinese schoolmate that I’ve been friends forever also have color.

    Of course there are exceptions, because each one of us have gone through their own unique experiences in life, but the more we speak about such sensitive subject, the more it can bring awareness to it.

    How do we stop hate? It starts within you, you can not expect you’ll get a treat if you are not willing to give it in the first place, or simply keep on doing whatever you find wrong in the other, isn’t that the principles of life? Whatever you do comes back at you, in multiple forms.

    As for religion, I’m not so much of a religious person, well all my family is catholic, I’m baptized and so is my partner and most of the people that I am friends with, however my religion is simply based on being grateful everyday for whatever crosses my path.

    What is it that pops up in your mind when you hear the word religion? As for me religion is a synonymous to happiness, bound, hope, faith and love. It teaches you kindness, acceptance and comprehension.

    I don’t really wanna get into the politics as this post is simply to bring awareness to the fact we’re all humans, and when you point a finger at someone you’ve got 3 pointing right back at you. You’re not in their shoes, you can only fit yours.

    I hope my words can bring comfort to anyone and a step on the right direction.


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  • Do what you enjoy and don't let your freedom be limited by social ideals and expectations. My maxim is that you should be free to do whatever you want and enriches your life as long as it does not harm or interfere with the freedom and rights of others. People should not be judged by their (partly) innate attributes like origin, religion, sexuality or skin color but by their actions, statements and abilities. Rejecting people on the basis of the above attributes is an indicator of mental complexes in combination with reduced intelligence, which the affected person tries to compensate. Tolerance is free, it only takes will power in some cases.

  • Xenophobia - intolerance towards someone or something alien, unfamiliar, unusual
    Racism is a belief, a set of ideological views, an ideological doctrine and political and ideological practice, based on the idea that humanity consists of strictly differentiated groups called races, ethnic communities, etc.
    Homophobia - a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality
    Those. it's all a combination of hatred. which is interrelated