Question about Ninja and Mage

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am a new player starting on Metin2 SG.

    Since Ninjas and Mages are pushed and equal to Sura or Warriors I am planning to play a Ninja (because I always played Sura or Warrior in the past).

    Since I will probably need a Healing Mage too, I would like to know what benefits a Ninja has compared to a Mage?

    Because if there are no (great) benefits and both races are kind of equal I think a Mage is more suitable for me (since I only need to take care of one character instead of two).

    Thanks! :thumbsup:

  • You won't need a Healer unless you actually want to play one.

    It doesn't give you any Attack Value as that hardly makes any sense, the Lightning Mage grants Magic Attack Value with its buff.

    Sin's are benefited by the fact that Bows give a way bigger Attack Value than any other weapon, thus dealing quite a lot more damage in Poly marble than anyone else, mages are better off defensive and are their own buffers.

    A Sin could do the Plague run, though they still need to be buffed they are capeable of destroying the plagued eggs, which no other class can do.

  • Thank you for your help and yeah, I mean Dragon Mage ;-)

    Okay, so I think I'll go with a Ninja as main and a Dragon Mage as Buff/Farmer.

    Any tipps about playing a lvl 70 Ninja (like equipment, boni, etc) ?