New Sura Player

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  • Hi everyone,

    After a long break from SG, I want to start fresh (I gifted all my previous eq). Been thinking about a sura. Lots of things have been added since my last login (alchemy,sashes,talismans,etc).

    My questions are many, but fairly simple.

    1. Is a sura any good at low lvl farming? I need to farm a lot for skills/equipment. Should I just go for a warrior?

    2. After INT, what should the next points be in? I heard DEX because it gives dmg.

    3. After having some decent eq, i want to lvl up to 55 and do the horse quests, but then what should i farm? 61 metins and that’s it? Or what would you suggest to farm and at which lvl.

    4. Alchemy system is too complicated for me but I read that is one of the last things to do anyway so no worries here right?

    5. What should i look for in 6/7? Besides avg/mob...i heard at higher lvl i also need skill res for the bosses. is it true? (e.g for blue death)

    6. Is Blue death/Azrael/Beran doable solo? If so, what should i look for? what bonuses?

    7. I see that stones can go +6 now. Where can I drop the item necessary for upgrade? And do they still only require 2kk to +5? Are only the +4 stones upgradable?

    8. How can I increase the attack speed? Besides green pots which I am unsure whether they drop at metins..

    Thank you very much in advance for your replies!! Any further tips regarding what to farm besides metins are helpfull!

  • Hey there,

    1. Imo warrior is better in low level, sura is slower/weaker but tankier, this tankyness doesn't help you atall because low level doesn't really deal any damage.

    2. Int -> Dex/Vit. Str only increases your skill damage a bit so skill that one last if you arent going for PvP atall.

    3. I think lv 62 is better than 55 as you can wear the Soul Crystal Equipment and maybe even a lv 61 armor / Lv 61 Shield at that level. You can gain a lot of damage increase at that level and it still leaves Temple, Sohan, Fireland and the 3 Forests open for farming.

    4. Alchemy becomes way easier to take care off after you hit level 90 due to the fact that the Bosses on the Dark Dragon Maps drop higher DSS Cor's. Maybe buy a Minor Dragon Ruby with Avg/Atk but thats all you have to worry about.

    5. It really depends on your focus. For metins you really wont need skill res. Avg Res or HP Restore is more than enough for the general monster. Skill res is indeed helpful against most bosses and in higher level against a few monsters like the Eternal Flying Skull. [DT 11th Floor]

    6. They are doable Solo, though, you can't expect to do them without pretty good equip. Suras generally have a hard time doing them solo as bosses usually have a lot of Sword Resistance and Suras have no choice other than Swords. You will need a high poly skill, Undead/Devil [depends which of the 3 runs] Skill Res, Instant HP Potions. There's guides for all Runs in the Official Guide Category.

    7. The Item can be dropped from Yamachon, most people probably know him better as Razador i suppose. You can upgrade any Stones from +3 +4 +5 to +6.

    8. Green Potions are an alternative drop. There is some Low Level boss chests that give Big Green Potions too [I believe that the Flame King might drop a stack of 20 at a time in his chest if you are lucky.] Shoes & Helm can be switched for 8%. Generally you also get quite a lot from the Hunting Quests