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  • Sometimes happens to use poly without to use earrings or skill pedant because we are humans and we forget. Sometimes we die 1 min after we used it because of lag or bad connection. It's just a waste of poly marbles.

    I suggest to make a timing ( 20-30mins ) for poly and you can use it 3 times in this time. Even if you die you can use it again.

    The item should look like this.

    Savage Minion Poly Marble

    Time remaining: 30 mins. ( 29 mins 17 seconds... )

    Used: 1 time.

  • If you forget to acticate skills or forget to change equipment its your own fault and the wasted poly is well deserved so you dont forget it next time.

    Since there is no run that requires poly, and every run is doable without poly im pretty interested in which runs you use polys for?

    Imo i dont think they should change the poly system since they are already really cheap and making them 3x useable would make them worthless on market (which they nearly already are)

    If you want more poly time just read polymorph skill books. If you die using poly get better gear.

    Also you could abuse the reuse system because you can refresh aura/berserk 3 times with one poly.

  • Yes. I agree it is your foult but we can do something about this. Just because you forgot to put a pendant you have to reset the poly is a little unfair to me.

    First of all there are runs which require polies - in DT you cant kill blue death without poly ;)

    another example if u want to make hell run faster you have to do it in poly and you must use your skills for more attack speed and damage.. its not abuse of reuse system.. its just the right you have as warrior or sura.

    This will not change the price of polies because even now the poly last for 30 mins.

    The only difference is that you can use the poly 3 times in 30 mins. If you dont die or have lag, frozen screen, bugs you can use it one time. Yes, warriors and sura can reuse it to activate the skills. It is actually the buff they got at that patch.. so I don t see the point.

    Your answer was a little arrogant. There are people who struggle to make good items. They can t make runs because they die at the end and if they use more polies they wasted their time or even they lost gold for that run. If you want to make the run alone or/and without polies then you should have almost perfect items and really good alchemy. How long will take to make all theese? Probably few months. In this time all you have to do is to farm stones? Making runs duo does t make sense because the profit is low.

    and as I know mage and assassins have basic 30 or 35 vs mobs more than warrior and sura

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  • redwyne i give you a good word for nex time, make suggestion ignore what the people sa y or answer, they always hate or are against it, but as soon as the team announce the same things you used to suggest , they say " wow, awesome, good update, gg "

    so just make suggestion and dont look anymore into the topic.

  • Sorry if my answer seems arrogant but i just see it from an economic perspective.

    If this goes through, we nerfed yet another 15-20kk gold item to 1kk.

    Also polys get crafted mainly from lowlvl players and some rely on that money they make of selling them.

    If we add few more changes like this nothing will be worth anything.

    It is just not healthy for the game to make everything easier.