Feautures, Changes & random fix

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  • 1.When we want to sell a belt, we have to empty our own belt from liquids etc then we are able to put the other in shop. It is a bit annoying especially when u have a belt full of items with 12 slots...

    2.When we want to chance the price of an item, this mostly goes for items that stack, the game saves the old price. This makes our life harder if we want to change the price, we have to do it on every single one. So when we take an item out of the shop just make the price 0 and keep only the feauture that saves the new price to all.

    3.While we hit a metin with auto-attack like usual, we can't use ESC to open the menu because the player keeps targeting the metin. Fix that so we can use the key properly even if we attack the metin.

    4.We can't stack gold and silver keys by hand, only if we drop them down cause keys try to "open" keys.

    5.Love earrings and blacksmith's diamond stackable!

    6.We can't sell the peach flower wine to any npc from daily rewards. We can only get rid of it if we use it.

    7.Sometimes daily rewards don't load and we have to restart client. I personally use daily rewards a lot to get as many wind shoes as possible every week and it is very annoying to restart the client so many times just to have the daily rewards loaded.

    8.When we drop new green/purple pots and we pick, they don't auto-stack on the pots we already have in belts.

    9.Make auto-split be able to happen during we have our shop open. It would help a lot while we making our shops and when we forget to split an item while we already opened it.

  • 1. Yes, fix this pls.

    2. +1

    3. +1

    4. +1

    5. +1

    And I'd like to say some other items (dagger manual user, two hand, etc, and change these items so they can be stored in the "U" inventory since they are upgrade items after all).

    6. +1

    7. You don't need to restart the client, changing channel or map should work.

    But +1 if it is possible to fix.

    8. +1 if it is possible

    9. +1

    I'd like to add some other stuff.

    a. Fix the 10% extra that guild smiths give (visually I mean).

    b. Rare alchemist in map1 of red kingdom.

    c. Double click function with left mouse button on the map info list.

    d. Biologist npc place in the map info from each city1.

    e. Current teleport position in red map1 is outside of center, so I think it would be good to change that position for map1 of blue and yellow as well outside center (where we get teleported after mining event or ox ends, in blue at least) since now you were teleported right in the middle where all the shops are and unless you have a good pc, it goes laggy.