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    • adjust pickax exp required to raise +
    • keep mining until success, as in, during the mining attempt player will fail normally but that won't stop it from mining, it will keep on doing it until a success, however long that might be
    • make veins 3 to 5 times bigger than they currently are along with their hitbox (it will make mining event wayyy better for everyone and it will also look like they have big quantities of ores)
  • +1 only for the second point - as it would increase the rate at which we EXP our pickaxes, instead of having to constantly re-click the vein.

    But, if the second gets accepted, I think the difficulty and vein size should remain just as difficult as they are now. From what I've heard, mining can be quite profitable and adjusting the required exp (meaning lower amounts), wouldn't be towards the benefit of those who worked months/years for their cool pickaxe.

    However, bigger yield veins during the mining event could be a nice thing - that or more veins overall, as I've heard some complaints saying that veins get occupied too fast.

    Tradition is the corpse of wisdom.

  • or have the exp only be given on success.

    I think that removing point gain on Failed Mining would be a huge disadvantage for new players, considering how low the success rate of mining is with a Pick+0 and with points in the Mining Skill.

    If the system has been the same for more than 5 years, I think any changes to it would affect only newbie-ish players - which translates to old players having significant advantage in Vein Spawn events and mining overall.

    After all, we're talking about 1600 points for +1 Pick, while other server that don't offer points on fail have the first level set at around 600 points if I'm not wrong (leaving the 6k required on official out of the talk).

    Edit: my bad, it's actually 600 points; I'm old. In this case, scratch what I said. Points are valid.

    Tradition is the corpse of wisdom.

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  • 1º That depends on what advantage and how much exactly gives the higher lvl pickaxe. And we players don't have that info so it's difficult to say.

    2º +1111111111111, this would be awesome.

    3º -1

    It's not a need since this is exclusively for mining event and specifically for Soul Crystal Vein (and it seems a big change). This problem doesn't exist with the other veins and in your daily day in metin regarding mining.

    Soul Crystal are the more expensive agate after all, so, once each 2 weeks, one need to bear those annoying situations in mining event if he/she wants to make good money in 1 hour.